Career Sites & Applications

Improve the quality of your career site and provide better job matches for candidates and employees.

What if you could reduce turnover while building internal career development—effortlessly?

Monster Career Sites and Applications offer fully-customizable sites and applications for candidates, employees and recruiters. Our custom site builds include career site hosting, innovative applications for matching jobs to candidates and matching employees to referral opportunities, and internal career development sites. Even if you already have a career site, we can add job matching applications to improve your site performance.

When combined with Monster’s powerful job matching application, only Monster can improve the seeker experience, and significantly increase resume capture while offering a referral engine that automates the job matching process to increase employee referral hires.

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Candidate Career site

Showcase your recruitment brand with a comprehensive career site solution, and add additional firepower with job matching applications such as seeker job match, employee referral or employee career development.

Employee Referral

Simplify the employee referral process with semantic search and instantly see matched jobs for resumes.

Employee Development Center

Promote internal mobility by matching employees with available jobs.