Monster Company Profiles

Drive better performance on your job ads by positioning your company as an employer of choice.

With the demand for great talent at an all-time high, it’s becoming more and more important for employers to showcase what makes their company a great place to work. When reviewing job opportunities, candidates look for information about company values, reputation, benefits and compensation, work life balance and more to help them decide which jobs to apply to. In fact 75% of candidates on Monster indicate they conduct company research prior to applying to jobs1. Monster Company Profiles provide a great opportunity to highlight your company’s work culture and promote your brand. Strong employer brands can help attract quality candidates and reduce time to hire – both critical in today’s competitive environment.

Monster’s uniquely crafted Company Profiles allow employers to showcase precisely the information that candidates are looking for when applying to jobs, including:

  • Company overview to educate candidates on what it is like to work at your company
  • Office photos and videos to highlight your culture and work environment
  • Social media links to drive ongoing engagement with candidates
  • Perks and benefits to demonstrate your commitment to your employees
  • Testimonials, FAQ’s, diversity info, social news feeds….And much more!

Now it’s easier than ever to get started – login to your Monster account and create a basic Company Profile page for free. If you’re looking for even more features to showcase your company – videos, social media feeds, photos, culture and more – upgrade to a Premium Company Profile and get noticed by the right candidates today.

Start today – great candidates are looking for information about your company to motivate them to apply to your jobs. Call 1-800-MONSTER to learn more or login to your Monster account to manage your basic Company Profile page.

If you’re looking to present a multifaceted and comprehensive view into your organization that is also integrated throughout the candidate experience; check out our other Employer Branding products – Branded Job Templates and kununu Employer Branding Profiles.

Sources: 1 Monster Internal Data, Survey of 120k Monster Candidates, 4/2016-5/2017