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Employer branding guide for staffing agencies



Gen Z, younger millennials, new grads—whatever you want to call them, they’re waiting in the wings to join your talent force. They are confident, bright, have their choice of jobs, and know what they want. Do you? And do you have the right employer branding strategy for staffing?

You might think that right now Gen Z’s big brothers and sisters (older millennials) are the ones to focus on, but the future is right around the corner. According to a recent Randstad Technologies survey, Gen Z is forecast to comprise 37% of the global workforce by next year.

For staffing agencies, the challenge is twice as hard, since employer branding has two meanings, says Danny Ashraf, director of sales at Monster. “You not only have to brand your client in your job advertisements and your digital advertisements, but you also have to brand your own organization,” he says.

To speak to the next generation of job seekers, you’ll need to adopt new tools and tactics that resonate with their unique needs and serve to educate them on what staffing agencies actually do.

To help you do just that, this guide will:

  • Take a look at the next generation of job seekers and try to understand what’s in their heads as they begin their job search
  • Get to the bottom of what employer branding is (and isn’t) for staffing agencies, and the challenges therein
  • Offer some expert solutions and tips for reaching the Gen Z job seekers of tomorrow by reimagining your staffing firm’s employer brand

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