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Add More Wow to your Customer Service Experience

Add More Wow to your Customer Service Experience

By: Mike Lieberman and Eric Keiles

From Fire Your Sales Team Today! coauthored by Mike Lieberman and Eric Keiles, co-founders of Square 2 Marketing (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2012).

When it comes to creating a remarkable company, business owners often overlook the customer service experience.

In reality, this is probably making the best place to start making changes that impact the customer directly. Remember, our goal is to make your customers and prospects say WOW!

Wowing Them in Little Ways
When Disney wanted to make their resort experience more magical, they challenged every member of their staff, from executives to support personnel, to come up with new ways of improving each guest’s visit. The housekeeping staff dreamt up one particularly remarkable innovation.

All Disney resort visitors find a plush Mickey Mouse toy waiting for them in their rooms, available for purchase at the end of the stay. Instead of letting Mickey hang out in his packaging on the desk, the folks at Disney realized that they could put him to work.

When guests arrive back at their room after their first day in the park, they are amazed to find Mickey all tucked into the bed, watching TV. The next evening, after a day of fun and excitement, the family returns to find Mickey taking a shower!

Then, on the last day of their visit, Mickey is waiting patiently by the window for his new family to return.

Each one of those “little wows” is not remarkable alone. But by gradually building the customer’s excitement, by the end of the trip, the entire process becomes exponentially remarkable.

The little wows created by bringing a child’s favorite animated character to life are priceless when it comes to the overall customer experience. And it doesn’t cost the company a dime . . . just a few minutes of extra effort on the part of the housekeeping staff.

How Little Wows Add Up
Of course, you don’t have to be Disney to put “little wows” to work for your company. At Square 2 Marketing, we realized that the onboarding process is the most critical period in every new team member’s experience. It sets the tone for their entire time with the company.

And yet, many businesses don’t take the time to make the onboarding experience remarkable. We set out to change that.

When you show up for your first day of work at Square 2 Marketing, you find your new computer all set up and waiting for you. Sitting next to your computer is a set of company business cards with your name on them.

Think about it: How many times have you started a new job only to wait around half the day for an IT guy to set up your computer? Or, three weeks into the new job wondered, “Do I get business cards?”

We also make a point of having a company-wide welcome lunch for every new team member on their first day and a welcome happy hour to help new members get to know the team. When a new team member gets home from their first day of work, they find a houseplant waiting for them with a note from their new leaders saying: “We look forward to growing with you!”

And the onboarding experience doesn’t stop there. We don’t just hand new team members a manual and then throw them into the deep end to see how well they swim.

Instead, over the first week, they are automatically scheduled to meet with each team member individually so that they can get an idea of everyone’s role at the company and begin to understand how the company works at every level.

Each one of these steps, taken individually, wouldn’t be all that remarkable. But all of them together add up to create a truly remarkable onboarding experience that generates team enthusiasm, dedication, and loyalty. All that for just a little extra effort!

Finding the Wows for your Business
Take a look at your business. Take a look at it from your customer or prospects perspective.

Drill down into every single detail interaction with each and every touch point and you will find experiences that are detracting from your company brand. You will find experiences that are frustrating your customers and maybe even experiences that are preventing your prospects from hiring your company or purchasing your products.

All it takes is a little work and a few little WOWS! to change everyone’s perception of your company.

Author Bios:
Mike Lieberman
is the founder and President of Square 2 Marketing. For over 10 years, he has been passionate about helping ordinary businesses transform into the businesses that people talk about. He is the author of the popular Remarkablog, a guest blogger for a number of marketing oriented blogs, a thought leader in Reality Marketing, and is regularly quoted in the media.

Eric Keiles is a leading sales and marketing strategist focused on pioneering a new breed of business solutions. Eric and his co-author and business partner Mike Lieberman have grown Square 2 Marketing from a boutique agency to a full-service developer of comprehensive marketing strategy and tactics

Mike and Eric are co-authors of Fire Your Sales Team Today: Then Rehire Them As Sales Guides In Your New Revenue Department  (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2012.)