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Monster Video: Create a Clear Value Proposition

Running a business leaves little time for leisure – and even less time for managing your sales team and increasing your business success.


In this Monster video, sales leadership consultant Lisa McLeod offers three steps that will help you motivate both you and your employees to drive sales — beginning with a clear noble sales purpose.

Lisa is author of the book, Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud.

Video transcript:

Monster: Lisa, as you know small business owners are very busy people. Let’s give them some quick tips on how they can drive sales growth.

McLeod: Okay, establish what I call a noble sales purpose. And that is a declarative statement about how you make a difference to your customers. Do you make them more efficient, do you make their businesses more profitable so you got to be absolutely clear about how you a difference to your customers.

Monster: Is shorter better when defining a purpose?

McLeod: Shorter is better.  For example, I work with a transportation company and they make component parts for railroads and heavy vehicles. Their noble sales purpose is, “We help make transportation safer, faster and more reliable.” Simple, short but you know what they do.

So the second thing you can do is share that with everybody in your company. Every single person in your company should know the way that you make a difference to your customers. And so it’s more than just saying, “Hey, Joe — here’s what we do” — give them concrete examples.

Every single person in your company ought to be able to say here’s how we make a difference to customers and let me give you an example. “We make this customer more efficient this way, we make this customer more productive in this way, we helped this customer improve their profitability…” Everyone in the company should be able to say that because that will inform their actions.

Monster: That begets illustrations of success and case studies…

McLeod: Right. And you become a more purposeful organization — because everybody knows it’s about what we do for customers.

So then the third thing that business owners can do to drive more sales is get out with customers yourself. If you’re the business owner, even if you’re not operating in a sales capacity, make it your business to get in front of some of your best customers over the course of the year, because that will do a couple of things.

One, it will improve those relationships — they will see a face — but the other thing it will do, and it’s very subtle, it will inform your decision-making. So when you’re out with customers, you will notice things (‘oh we could help them with this, we can help them with that… ‘) and you will start to make better decisions about your company. 

So establish a noble sales purpose, know how you make a difference to customers. Number two:  make sure everybody in your company knows it and has examples. And number three: go out and meet with your customers.