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Employee morale boosters can save you money

Employee morale boosters can save you money

According to surveys, disengaged employees cost their companies about 34 percent of their salaries in terms of lost productivity. That’s $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary, or $20,400 for an employee who makes $60,000 annually. For a company with 5,000 employees making that much on average, that’s about $17.5 million a year.

We don’t mean to shout with numbers, but these costs should be reason enough to fire up your workforce. Here are some surefire employee morale boosters that can engage your employees, increase productivity, and save you money.

Give employees inspiration

If there’s one thing most companies don’t seem to “get,” it’s that employees today want more than just a paycheck. They want to be happy at work, realize a great future, and feel connected to something bigger.

Moreover, they want to work from a place of being inspired, not just being “compliant.” If you’re not sure where your company falls on this scale or how to get there, your first step is to conduct an employee survey. Ask them:

  • How they feel about working for your organization.
  • Do they know what’s expected from them?
  • Do they understand your company mission and vision and their place in it?
  • Do they feel supported and do they regularly receive constructive feedback on their work?
  • Would they describe your company culture as driven yet still collegial?

Based on the survey results, identify your company’s top three priorities for increased employee engagement and — here’s the kicker — actually take action to address and resolve them.

Give employees clear goals

Emily Bennington, author of Who Says It’s a Man’s World: The Girls’ Guide to Corporate Domination, says the No. 1 driver of employee motivation is an experience of progress.

“This is clearly where career development plans come in,” she says. “However, even businesses that offer plans usually get the process backward.” Most companies tell employees their plan, but then miss the opportunity to increase engagement.

Bennington says the process works best when supervisors outline benchmarks and then let the employees offer solutions on how to get there. “You may not agree with all of their tactics but the fact that you asked sets the stage for a discussion and not a morale-busting monologue,” she says.

Give workers more than money

Everybody appreciates a raise or a bonus, but sometimes the budget says no. That’s when you have to give them something better than money.

Lifestyle benefits are the benefits to die for — or live for. Offer flexible-work arrangements, extra vacation days, mini-sabbaticals, working from home part-time, and/or guilt-free exercise breaks. These are employee morale boosters that don’t require upping your payroll.

Give them great managers

It’s been said that people join companies and leave managers. If you’ve ever had a dud boss yourself, you know what we’re talking about. Excellent managers can make you want to run to work; lousy managers can make you hate your whole life.

Having an excellent benefits package may keep employees around a little longer, but if you fail to ensure quality in your management team, it’s just a matter of time before the exodus.

Give employees morale boosters for recruiting

There’s the connection between employee morale boosters and recruiting. When your people are engaged, productive, and loving their jobs, it creates a company culture others want in their lives, too. If employees are disillusioned, your company brand becomes tarnished – not just in their eyes, but in the eyes of prospective employees.

That happens because people talk, and everyone can talk to 1,000 followers at once on social media. If burnt-out employees have taken to Twitter to talk about you, it will become even more difficult to attract the best talent.

The best way to boost morale is to hire the best talent

If you focus on boosting your employees’ morale, you’ll find that your company will attract people who want to work for you. It’s a simple concept that can go wrong if you don’t have the right strategy in place. With expert recruiting insights and the latest analysis of hiring trends, Monster Hiring Solutions has the resources to rally your people.