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Don’t be a robot about customer communication—be human

Don’t be a robot about customer communication—be human

Public enemy number one is Robo-Caller. Constantly blowing up our phones, our automated friend thinks that annoying us to death is the best way to sell us something. The truth is that most of us would pay to NOT get calls from robots.

That’s because we’re humans, and we prefer human interaction. Customer communication is too important in business to leave it up to robots. Here’s what we’re talking about:

Answer the phone

After Robo-Caller, Robo-Voicemail is the worst. It’s bad enough to be put on hold and to listen to insufferable music. Companies just need someone to answer the *^&%$!’ phone. Sorry, but we’re only human here. Seriously, if your company is in the service industry, handling customer communication purely by voicemail is bad for business. Surveys say that 70 percent of callers will hang up when sent to voicemail. If you can’t afford a real person, go with a call answering service.

Give real customer service

Apple, the juggernaut of smartphones, didn’t win the market solely because its products are cool. It succeeded through customer service at Apple Stores. Where else can you find geniuses in a mall?

The company committed to customer service, hiring people for their knowledge and their personality. It was a human-based formula—not just that sassy digital assistant named Siri—that made it all work.

Humanize your communication

Still, we live in a digital world now. The robots are not coming; they’re here. Resistance is futile. So if you must adapt to the robo-revolution, here are some other ways to humanize your communications:

  • Personalize your email replies.
  • Add “voice” to your website copy.
  • Use social media like you care.

In other words, take some time to make your digital world more customer-friendly. If your email, website, and social media sound like robots, you won’t really connect with your customers. And if you have to employ one of those virtual assistants to answer the phone, just make sure it has some personality. Otherwise, callers might prefer the dial tone.

Why is communication important in business? It connects you with people you need

Having the right communication strategy is a great way to make (and keep) customers. It’s also a great way for you to connect with future employees. The hiring market can be quite competitive and complicated. Fortunately, you can get a leg up on the competition by signing up for Monster Hiring Solutions and getting access to the latest in hiring tips, recruitment strategies, and more.