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Train Your Team to be a Recruiting Machine

Train Your Team to be a Recruiting Machine

By: Roberta Matuson

Seasonal hiring is always intense. That’s why it’s smart to mobilize your entire team to help your business compete for talent. Here’s how to train your team to be a recruiting machine.

Share your hiring plan with the entire team. Employees want to help their employers find talent, to ensure they’re working with other great people. Now’s the time to share your hiring plan with your team. Set up weekly meetings so you can share the current status of job openings and to respond to questions people may have about candidates. If your workforce is geographically dispersed, host meetings using Skype. 

Leverage your brand ambassadors. Make a list of employees who represent your company with as much enthusiasm as you do. These people are your brand ambassadors. Most likely they are already telling close friends and family members why your company is such a great place to work. All you need to do now is to encourage them to alert everyone they know to the fact that you are actively hiring seasonal help.

Establish or reactivate your employee referral plan. Employees will dig deeper into their social network if there is something in it for them. If you don’t have an employee referral plan, where employees receive a reward for referring a candidate that is hired for a particular position, start one immediately. If you’ve already got a plan in place, then now’s the time to remind employees how they can help the company fill seasonal jobs and receive a gift for themselves this holiday season.

Assign line employees interviewing responsibilities. If your company is doing a lot of entry-level hiring this holiday season then you’ll need to rapidly expand your hiring team. Recruit your line employees to participate in the interview process. Assignments may range from phone interviews to in-person interviews, depending on the employee’s capabilities and the number of positions you are filling. Be sure everyone on the seasonal recruitment team receives training on how to interview seasonal workers and select employees.

Encourage employees to be more social. A lot of hiring today is a direct result of social recruiting. An example of social recruiting is when an employee tells her Facebook friends about a job opening in her department. Her friends respond by sharing the news with their friends. Before you know it, people from various places are going on line to apply for the job. Encourage employees to Tweet about seasonal job vacancies on their Twitter accounts as well.

Send your team packing. You can no longer sit back and wait for talent to come to you. You have to go out and find the talent. Encourage employees to look for talent in unexpected places. For example, if an employee receives great service at a local restaurant or retailer, urge the employee to gather the contact information of the person who served them. Then call that person immediately to arrange for an interview. 

Urge workers to recruit family members. Some workers may be shy about approaching people they hardly know and asking them to apply for a seasonal job. However, most would consider asking a relative if he’s interested in a seasonal job. Encourage your workers to recruit family members. Make it easy for them to do this. Provide them with a brief script they can easily text or email.

The best present you can give yourself for the holidays is a synchronized hiring team whose participation in the recruitment process enables you to have a stress free hiring season.

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