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The Great Recession from the Worker Perspective

The Workforce and The Future of Work

The Great Recession from the Worker Perspective

In May/June 2009, the Human Capital Institute and Monster Worldwide conducted extensive survey research into the effects of the global “Great Recession” on the workforce. More than 700 companies and almost 5,000 Passive and Active Job Seekers participated. Concurrently, the researchers undertook a thorough review of available research focused on this recession’s impact on the workforce. A number of business and thought leaders also expressed their opinions during a series of one-on-one interviews.

This report builds on the comprehensive examination of the “Great Recession” and its effects, from the worker’s perspective. Specifically, it examines how workers’ beliefs and attitudes, as well as their career choices, are being influenced by large-scale unemployment and economic turmoil.

Read the study and learn more about what employees are saying about workforce challenges during these current economic times. 

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