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The ultimate guide to college grad hiring

Where will your future leaders come from?

Can training candidates close the skills gap?

Are you recession proof?

The mythical "right fit" isn’t just possible, but necessary

Today’s candidates want flexibility and autonomy — here’s how to hire them

Over 40% of today’s workforce is considered contingent, and more than 90% of candidates say they want to work for employers who are open to flexible and open work arrangements—including part-time and remote work. Where employees 20 years ago were committed to the traditional nine-to-five schedule, today’s workers value flexibility and the ability to get their work done on their own time. Here are four recruitment strategies to help you hire today’s alternative workforce.

What you need to know about hiring blind and visually impaired workers

At a time when recruiters are facing a hiring shortage, and it’s harder than ever to find qualified workers, you can’t afford to make your jobs inaccessible to anyone. You’re not only legally mandated to make sure your hiring practices are ADA compliant, but if your website, interview practices, and office itself aren’t accessible and friendly to disabled applicants, you’re doing your company a disservice by essentially eliminating an entire pool of potentially immensely talented candidates – just like that. These strategies can help recruiters and low-vision candidates see each other better:

How to be a company that attracts LGBTQ professionals

We’ve come a long way as a nation when it comes to LGBTQ rights and acceptance, but we surely have more work to do, especially in the workplace. In 30 states, it’s still perfectly legal to not hire someone or to fire them due to sexual orientation or gender orientation. But most forward-thinking companies actually have strategies to step away from that attitude, and are becoming more inclusive. But becoming a company that welcomes LGBTQ talent requires more than just not discriminating against them – it’s recognizing that diversity can be a growth strategy. We spoke with experts to learn concrete steps you can take to make your company more attractive to LGBTQ workers.

5 tips for hiring manufacturing workers

Fully 89% of manufacturing executives agree there’s a talent shortage in the industry, according to a study by Deloitte LLP and The Manufacturing Institute. And there’s a skills gap that could leave 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2019 and 2028. Try these strategies to get good labor in the door.

How to attract and hire America’s military spouses

While you might already be familiar with veteran hiring and military-friendly branded companies, the effort to hire military spouses is an initiative that is starting to gain momentum. Organizations that are implementing a military spouse hiring program agree that they’re tapping a talented group of dedicated people who bring great value to their organizations.

6 ways to hire the right candidates in today’s tight labor market

In a time of record unemployment, the skills gap and a growing talent shortage for key positions, it’s harder than ever to find the right fit for positions you need to fill. Before you set out to make your next round of hires, look at our updated list of great hire best practices.

How the human cloud could shape the future of the staffing industry

In case you haven’t heard, online staffing models, aka “the human cloud,” have begun to permeate the staffing industry. In fact, talk of this tech trend was a recurring theme at the Staffing Industry Association’s SIA Executive Forum in February 2019. So do staffing professionals have a real worry on their hands? Industry leaders don’t seem to think so – at least for the time being – but it’s not a topic that can be ignored.