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Neurodiversity in the Workplace

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Why Job Ghosting Candidates is Bad for Business—and How to Avoid It

First applied to digital-era dating etiquette, “ghosting” occurs when one party in a two-way communication process fails to reply to the other without warning or explanation, leaving the rejected, or “ghosted,” party to wonder what happened. These days the job market is starting to sound like the plot to a horror movie, with applicants and […]

Top Small Business Employee Benefits for Recruitment

The health of your small business may rest on your ability to create a robust benefits package. That’s because 74 percent of U.S. employees say their benefits are important part of their financial stability, and 69 percent say their benefit package is a critical element in their job satisfaction. Not surprisingly, job seekers say health […]

How to Make Mass Hiring More Efficient

Seasonal sales spikes, a significant new product order or services client, or perhaps expansion into a new market: These are all reasons why business owners may need to hire large numbers of employees at once, often referred to as “mass hiring.” While the increase in revenue bodes well for your company’s bottom line, it can […]

Avoid Wrongful Termination at Your Small Business

When you run a small business, you may need to make the difficult decision to fire an employee. In the United States, all states except Montana have “at-will” employment, which means you can fire an employee at any time with or without cause. However, there are certain instances in which you could be held liable […]

How to Make Fair Chance Hiring Work

Fair chance hiring practices, also known as second chance hiring practices, reduce some of the roadblocks that make it difficult for candidates with criminal convictions to get hired. Multiple studies have found that employees with criminal records often stay at a company longer and work harder, which decreases hiring and training costs and can increase […]

What Every Hiring Checklist Must Include

Hiring new employees is expensive and time-consuming. If you’re not an experienced recruiter or HR manager, it can quickly become overwhelming and often stressful. For small businesses especially, one bad hire can quickly derail your business trajectory and, even after they leave, it can take months to correct course. The number of tasks you need […]

How Company Job Titles Can Improve Recruitment and Retention

What’s in a name? When you’re choosing company job titles, the answer is a lot. An effective job title: Attracts the right candidates Clarifies the job responsibilities Matches the seniority level Aligns with the expectations Fits the organizational chart It’s important to be strategic about the title you select for each position because it can […]

Corner Office Q&A: Monster's Bob Melk

Bob Melk has been Monster’s chief commercial officer for four years, joining the executive leadership team after serving as president at tech jobs site Dice, and a long career in media, sales and business leadership. Here, he talks about his path to Monster, bringing diversity and inclusivity to the workplace and why it’s important to […]

Will The Hybrid Workplace Last?

Vaccine distribution is widespread and restrictions are easing across the country, which can only mean that the “great return” to the office is upon us-sort of. While some workplaces are staying remote and others are already back in the office full-time, there’s another approach that employers and employees alike seem to prefer: the hybrid workplace. […]

Can Gen Z Get The Job Done?

As the talent shortages, skills gaps, and demographics shifts form a potential perfect storm, employers are looking to Gen Z to save the day. But is this emerging workforce up for it? We asked Gen Zers about their expectations for entry-level jobs, salaries, gig work, and job fit. We learned a lot about how well […]