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The remote workforce: from recruitment to retention

The latest job search and hiring trends

Staffing outlook: Three industries poised for growth

How to be a company that attracts LGBTQ professionals

Remote onboarding: welcoming new hires virtually

Data hygiene and staffing: Why it’s crucial to clean your data

The staffing industry has been undergoing a digital transformation over the past few years, adding technologies that help recruiters access candidates more efficiently and effectively than ever before. But digital tools are only as good as the data they use. If you’re currently upgrading your ATS platform or implementing new candidate engagement workflows, now is […]

How employers are helping working families during COVID-19

With school schedules still in flux in many parts of the country, the relief that working parents thought they might get this fall hasn’t come. Instead, remote workers are left to figure out how to juggle childcare, school, and household chores with work projects, video meetings, and more. Some companies are already helping working families during […]

The latest job search and hiring trends

Since COVID-19 started to impact the way we work, we’ve been looking at coronavirus hiring trends by conducting weekly polls, gathering Monster hiring data, and asking our community of candidates and employers how they’re responding to the shifts around work. Here’s a look at the most recent Monster insights: This week’s poll data We’ve been […]

5 tips for hiring manufacturing workers

Fully 89% of manufacturing executives agree there’s a talent shortage in the industry, according to a study by Deloitte LLP and The Manufacturing Institute. And there’s a skills gap that could leave 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2019 and 2028. Try these strategies to get good labor in the door.

Staffing firms: moving forward from crisis

By: Tim Robbins, Monster Vice President and General Manager, Staffing and Recruiting I don’t think anyone could have predicted where we’d be as a country—or as a staffing industry—just a few months ago. We went from unemployment rates as low as 3.8% to job losses exceeding 10 million. Although it’s too soon to know what […]

Monster hiring report: August 2020 snapshot

Slow and steady, the economy is looking up, at least for now. We saw this in the latest release of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) monthly jobs report, which showed that the labor market continued to bring back more jobs last month. And with more jobs, the number of job searches conducted by […]