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Reopening after COVID-19: What companies need to know

Coronavirus job search and hiring trends

Should you furlough, reduce hours or initiate layoffs during an economic downturn?

How to be a company that attracts LGBTQ professionals

Good things companies are doing right now

Onboarding remote new hires: On-demand webinar

Onboarding should be a part of every new employee’s journey. For one thing, it increases engagement levels and decreases turnover rates (did you know, up to 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days?). Obviously in-person onboarding is ideal, but when that’s not possible, how can you provide your new employees with a […]

Fast-track your online recruitment strategy: on-demand webinar

Chances are, you’ve been updating and improving your online recruitment strategy for years, but for most of us, the events of 2020 have pushed us all to fast-track those efforts. With fifty percent or more people who access websites doing it from hand-held devices, mobile optimization has become more important than ever. It’s crucial that […]

Hiring nurses quickly: On-demand webinar

Even before COVID-19, there were shortages in healthcare staffing, particularly nursing, but when the pandemic hit, those shortages became acute. Every hospital and healthcare organization across the country was potentially short-handed and had to figure out how to hire nurses quickly. They not only needed nurses, but other healthcare professionals – like respiratory therapists – […]

Temporary work visa suspensions: what employers need to know

In the latest government response to COVID-19, an executive order went into effect on June 22, extending the existing green card ban and issuing temporary work visa suspensions through the end 2020. The order applies to H-1B visas, H-2B visas, L-1 visas, and certain J-1 visas. This work visa suspension doesn’t impact every industry, but […]

How to write more inclusive job descriptions

Whether you’re writing a job description, social job ad, email, text message or video job ad script, it’s important that each and every communication is unbiased and inclusive. Follow these writing tips to ensure every qualified candidate feels welcome to apply. You’ll not only deepen your candidate pool, you’ll reap the rewards of a diverse and inclusive workplace. […]

Remote onboarding: welcoming new hires virtually

As states around the U.S. move into various stages of reopening, many businesses are choosing to let workers work from home for the foreseeable future—and are faced with the need to use remote onboarding to get new hires up to speed. This is a big challenge. How do you bring employees into your organization and make […]

5 companies with innovative diversity hiring programs

In recent years, a growing number of companies have recognized that having a diverse workforce is essential to attracting and retaining top talent. Some have created truly innovative diversity hiring programs. There are a number of reasons companies have made diversity and inclusion a priority, including the fact  that more diverse teams lead to greater […]

How COVID-19 is impacting summer hiring

As the country dives into a summer overshadowed by COVID-19, the virus is affecting some industries more than others. Some firms that traditionally hire summer help are having a hard time making it work, while others have been inundated by job seekers. Some companies are facing challenges due to restrictions on what businesses can operate […]

How to show candidates you’re a COVID-19 safe workplace

Businesses are starting to reopen and hiring is picking up as well. In fact, the economy added an unexpected 2.5 million jobs in May.  But how do you show candidates that you’re a COVID-19 safe workplace? Even though it may seem like candidates are desperate to get back to work, recent research by Monster shows that […]

Recruiting tech talent: how to get HR and IT partners on the same page

In the world of technology, employers have been competing for the same talent for popular, hard-to-fill positions for years.  Granted, recent shifts in the labor market due to the coronavirus pandemic have changed the hiring ecosystem, but even in times of uncertainty, top tech positions remain hard to fill and recruiting tech talent remains a challenge. […]