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Combine, search and analyze your talent pools with this scalable platform for talent.
  • 6Sense® semantic search
  • Automatic talent matching
  • Powerful analytics
Improve your talent acquisition with the world's first semantic search and analytics platform!
    • Combines multiple talent pools (applicants, candidates, employees, resumes from social networks, other sources) onto a scalable, rapidly deployable platform
    • Includes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to talent repositories such as ATS HRIS systems, third-party applications, and optional widgets
    • Uses patented 6Sense® search technology to understand the concepts and context in skills, experience, education, and more
    • Provides detailed insights into the composition of talent pools
    • Offers search agents to automatically send ranked lists of applicants for open positions
Now you can find the most qualified talent from the resumes that you've collected over the years while enjoying on-demand access to your talent infrastructure.

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SeeMore helps you understand your talent pools in entirely new ways.
  • Use 6Sense search technology on your resume databases and talent pools
  • Identify top candidates based on relevant skills and experience – not just keywords.
  • Access Monster's resume database (available with Power Resume Search® license) as well as your private resume databases uploaded to SeeMore.
Talent Matching
  • Automatically score and rank resumes in folder(s) against job-specific criteria.
  • Identify the best matched candidates with unprecedented precision and ease.
  • Save time with instant side-by-side comparisons of your top talent.
Talent Dashboard
  • Gain invaluable insight into your candidates and employees.
  • Identify skill strengths, gaps, and trends.
  • Get rich analytics to support talent acquisition and planning activities.
  • Monster will host a copy of your resumes so they are available to all the powerful features of SeeMore.
  • Combine your private talent pools in one secure location accessible from anywhere.
  • Set different levels of access control for your users.
Business Gateway
  • Import resumes from your talent pool(s) into SeeMore.
  • Resumes can be pulled from Applicant Tracking Systems, Human Resources Information Systems, network array storage and other sources.
Below are some examples of how Talent Dashboard is used:
Feature   Example
Skills Analysis
Automatic identification of the most prevalent skills in a given talent population.
  "What are the top skills among my .NET engineers in Dallas, TX?"
Trend Analysis
One click modeling of talent composition trends for comparisons, gap analysis, and more.
  "I am trying to attract more nurses that have at least five years of experience in neonatal care. What cities should I advertise in?"
Geographic Distribution Analysis
Automatic location analysis of your talent pool composition.
  "We want to open a support center for healthcare customers. Where are most of my customer service reps with that background located, by city and state? Of those, what is the distribution for bilingual reps?"
Source Analysis
Instant analysis and visual representation of the source of your resumes.
  "We are very proud of our existing employee base. How did we find them originally? How many resumes are we currently getting from that source today?"
Education Level Analysis
Immediate visibility in to the educational distribution of your talent pool.
  "I am looking for retail store managers. What is the educational distribution of the applicants we are receiving?"
SeeMore is the industry's first semantic search and analytics platform for talent. Built on Monster's highly successful 6Sense® semantic search technology, SeeMore provides you with intelligence and visibility into multiple talent pools and helps managers and recruiters efficiently identify, access and manage their talent, regardless of source.
Step 1   Step 2   Step 3
Upload one or more resume databases using the Business Gateway.   (Optional) Connect any third-party applications or widgets via Monster's API .     Transform your resume database
into a dynamic asset that can be
searched and mined for talent quality, availability, source performance and more.
Will the resume database(s) that I upload remain private?
Yes, we store your resume data logically separate from the Monster database, but with the same security measures used for Monster's own data. We employ physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect the data, including password encryption, proprietary tools to authenticate users, and monitoring for suspicious activity.

Is it possible to specify different levels of access control?
Yes, you can setup logically separate data stores for your employees and candidates and have different sets of users to access each database. It is also possible to have certain users access both databases simultaneously.

Can I search resumes on SeeMore, directly from my ATS?
Many customers use in-house or third party applications, including ATS systems to manage their hiring process. We have developed Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow you to access your resumes directly from your ATS. We provide technical assistance and documentation for seamless data integration and search experience.
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