Enhanced Analytics

See how your Monster Ads influence more applicants than you think.

Discover a better way to measure the impact of your Monster ads.

Enhanced Analytics is a product feature that tracks direct and indirect response metrics from your Job Ad or Career Ad Network ad. So even if a job seeker doesn't click on your ad, our third party tracking system is able to count the seeker as influenced by Monster.

To effectively measure your return on investment from Monster ads, direct and indirect response should be monitored. For example, if a seeker views your Job Ad on Monster and then visits other web sites before applying for a job on your career site, Enhanced Analytics will show Monster's influence on that application.

Data from Enhanced Analytics will give you a better understanding of the value of your Monster ads. In fact, Monster recently conducted a study with more than 30 customers and found that some Monster products influenced on average up to 10 times more candidates1 than could have been tracked using basic click tracking.

In addition to traditional view and click statistics, Enhanced Analytics tracks the following direct and indirect response data for Job Ad and Career Ad Network ads:

  • Visits to your career site landing page
  • Apply starts within your career site or ATS
  • Completed applies within your career site or ATS

1 Based on Career Ad Network statistics during Monster's pilot study with more than 30 customers, November 2009 – April 2010.