Standard Job Ad

Advertise your job to millions of job seekers and get qualified responses the same day!

Varies by Location

Power Resume Search ®

Match people with your jobs faster and better than ever before.

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Job Bolding

Make your Job Ad stand out from the crowd.

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Job Refresh

Recharge your Job Ads. Launch your Job Ad to the top of the job listings to increase visibility.


Career Ad Network®

Turn your Job Ad into an online recruitment ad and reach targeted candidates across Monster's vast network of thousands of sites.

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Skilled and Hourly Job Ads

Connect instantly with local skilled, hourly and administrative candidates. Choose from over 300 job titles.


Skilled & Hourly Job Slot

A flexible, one-year solution to fill your ongoing skilled, hourly and administrative hiring needs. Choose from over 300 job titles. Repost existing or new jobs every 30 days.

Varies by quantity

Diversity & Veteran Job Ad

Access the biggest talent pool by posting jobs on,, and a variety of diversity websites.

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Monster Newspaper Job Ad

Combine online and print recruiting. Advertise your job in the Sunday edition of a leading newspaper!

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Cloud Search

Combine, search and analyze your talent pools with this scalable platform for talent.

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Enhanced Job Branding

Use Enhanced Job Branding to reinforce your company's image and make your Job Ad stand out from the competition.

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Social Recruiting Solution

Establish your recruitment presence on Twitter and showcase your open positions.

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Targeted Audiences

Extend your reach to active and passive seekers on targeted communities where like-minded people connect.

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Get the most from your Monster tools. Use Monster Training to make sure you get the best return on your Monster investment.

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Talent Management

Get a comprehensive suite of pre-hire and post-hire solutions to help you accomplish your talent management objectives.

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Monster Twitter Cards

Boost Your Monster Job Ads With Automated Tweets

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Video Profile

Tell your company story and drive more candidates to your positions with an engaging, powerful, high quality video.

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TalentBin ® by Monster

Supercharge your Technical Recruiting with the Ultimate Sourcing Database.

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Talent CRM

Proactively Connect with Top Talent

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Monster Media

Reach the most qualified candidates with strategically placed, targeted ads on Standard reporting included.

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Compliance & Reporting

Demonstrate compliance with EEO, AA, and OFCCP hiring regulations.

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Career Sites & Applications

Preserve the Value and Strength of Your Recruitment Brand

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Monster Job Wrapping

Post jobs on Monster directly from your company's career site!

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Monster Evolutions

Help your former employees land on their feet and stay connected—with you and with each other.

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Partner Integrations, APIs and Services

Use our partnerships to your advantage. Streamline your recruiting process while saving time and money.

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Company Profiles

Give job seekers an easy and quick way to get an overview of your company.

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