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Skilled & Hourly Job Ad

Quickly and conveniently find the most talented skilled and hourly candidates at a competitive price.

What if you could quickly and conveniently find skilled and hourly workers using a single, streamlined process?

Monster Skilled & Hourly Job Ads (previously named TargetPost) are designed to help you efficiently find skilled and hourly candidates using pre-written, 14-day job ads.

Simplify your recruiting process today with this streamlined and inexpensive solution.

How it works:

Use Skilled & Hourly Job Ads to simplify your recruiting process:
It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Choose from over 300 job titles - delivery driver, bookkeeper, cashier, medical assistant and more
  2. Modify the pre-written job description as necessary.
  3. Enter your company name, job location and contact information

Get started now!

Please note that screening questionnaires and auto-reply emails are not available for use with this product

Helpful information

To find candidates for job titles not available in Skilled & Hourly Job Ads use a Standard Job Ad.

Buy Skilled & Hourly Job Ad

Only $119
for a 14-day Job Ad.


TargetPost is aimed to solve one-time, infrequent hiring needs for employers looking for skilled, hourly or administrative candidates.

  • Only $119 for a single, 14-day job
  • Choose from over 300 job titles with customizable job descriptions
See if your job title is available

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Only $119
per posting
Note: Skilled & Hourly job ads require a credit card for payment.
Note: Skilled & Hourly job ads require a credit card for payment.
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