Skilled & Hourly Job Slot

Get a flexible hiring solution to solve your ongoing skilled and hourly hiring needs for a year.

  • Fill high turnover positions
  • Choose from 300+ job titles
  • Repost jobs every 30 days

Product Description

Skilled & Hourly Job Slot (previously named Target Slot) is a one-year subscription that lets you advertise as many job ads as you need for a year.
  • Select as many job ads to match each of your unique open positions.
  • Your one-year subscription gives you access to all 300+ skilled, hourly and administrative job titles.
  • Save time and use any of our pre-written job descriptions.
  • Repost the same job or select a new job every 30 days or as needed.
Skilled & Hourly Job Slot also includes :
  • Free hiring tools to help manage, screen and contact your candidates.
  • Ability to save and edit your job descriptions for future use.

For more details on Skilled & Hourly Job Slots, call 1-866-811-2458.

Post and repost as many times as you need every month for a year. All these flexible options are available with a single Skilled & Hourly Job Slot all year.

1. Select Job Title
Choose from one of our 300 job titles.
2. Post a job
Your job posting will be active for 30 days.
3. Repost Your Job
If you fill the job within 30 days, great! Otherwise, you can repost the same job.
4. Post a New Job
If your hiring needs change, you can post a new job.

How to Use


  • Enter the quantity of Skilled & Hourly Job Slots you'll need in the 'Buy' module to the right and click 'Buy'.

Create and Preview
  • Select a job title for your job posting.
  • Use the customizable pre-written job-descriptions or modify them to best match your job requirements.
  • Enter your company name, job location and contact information.
  • Preview your posting.

  • Post the job on Monster.
  • After the 30-day posting period, you can repost or select a new title as needed.