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Product Description

Attract the best candidates with Standard Job Ads.
  • Reach candidates everywhere
  • On desktop and mobile, from to our affiliate websites including and, and over 1,000 local newspaper partner websites, Monster Job Ads reach candidates where they spend time online.

  • Post a job in minutes
  • Creating a Job Ad is fast and easy.

  • Take advantage of flexible options
  • Choose 30- or 60-day Job Ads. Purchase a Job Ad first and then publish instantly, or buy in bulk and save.

    Use Monster's FREE hiring tools to:
    • Manage Job Ad

      Edit, renew and post jobs—all in one place.

    • Manage Candidate

      -Save and view resumes.

      -Use screening questionnaires to eliminate unqualified candidates.

      -Create and send letters to job seekers.

How it Works

  • Buy
    Enter the quantity of job ads you''ll need in the ''Buy'' module to the right and click ''Buy''.

  • Create
    Post your job ad by entering a job title, location and description. Need help with your description? Use one of Monster’s sample job descriptions that can be customized to your specific job.

  • Preview
    See what your job ad will look like when candidates click on your ad.

  • Enhance
    Make your job ad stand out with Job Bolding, Video Profile and Enhanced Job Branding.

  • Expand
    Reach job seekers across the web with Extended Job Ads.

  • Complete
    Review your order at checkout.

After you've posted your job ad, find out how many job seekers viewed and applied for the job from your Monster home page.

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This was the first time that Linnea Garvey, Director of Information at Plymouth Nursery, was using Monster.

"I had a position to fill and decided to try Monster." "Not that comfortable with purchasing on the Intranet, the sales representative from Monster was very patient and jumped right in to help me. We got tons of responses to our job ad, from Florida to the East, from Indiana to Ohio. We hired a perfect match from one of the first responses we received. Depending on the position we have open, I would definitely use Monster again."

Linnea Garvey, Director of Information, Plymouth Nursery, MI