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Monster Complete Job Posting

Leverage the full power of Monster. Put your jobs on Monster and on a variety of diversity websites.
  • 30, 60-day or extended duration postings
  • Reach over 1,000 newspaper partner sites
  • Cross-post to other Monster sites

A Monster Complete Job Posting is the fastest way to reach the most candidates, including diversity, disability, and military job seekers.

With access to the most job seekers online, we make sure your Monster Complete Job Posting is seen by qualified candidates, including:

  • 23 million job seekers on
  • 10 million military and veteran seekers on
  • millions of diversity and disability job seekers on Monster Diversity Network including sites such as, and other sites

When you purchase a Monster Complete Job Posting, you show your company's commitment to supporting diversity, disability, and military hiring. You can also reach both active and passive seekers by purchasing your job posting with Veterans Career Ad Network®, which advertises your job on sites where job seekers spend their time.

For more information on Monster Complete Job Postings, call 1-866-811-2458.

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