Company Profiles

Give job seekers an easy and quick way to get an overview of your company.

  • Position your company to job seekers
  • Build your employment brand
  • Drive traffic to all of your jobs

Product Description

Let your organization shine – with a Monster Company Profile!

With a Company Profile, you can provide detailed information such as your company's mission and culture to job seekers as they conduct research before applying to your job. Or further enhance your Company Profile to include links to a company video, rich media such as banners or customize your page design to match your company's brand.

A Company Profile lets you:
  • Promote your company brand.
  • Provide a central page that lists all open positions.
  • Include video and other rich media and design on your Profile.

We offer two types of Company Profiles:
Basic and Premium. A features comparison chart is below for your reference.

Feature   Basic Premium
Company logo 
Overview description 
Link to company URL 
Company summary 
List of jobs on Monster 
Ability for seekers to follow company 
Search Engine Optimization 
Company video inclusion*  
News feeds  
Use of rich media such as Flash for banners  
Customizable design including custom colors for header, background and widget  
Featured company placement (rotated)  
Bolding in company profile search results  
Summary text in company profile search results  

*video production is not included. Company must have existing video available for inclusion as an externally hosted video. Current Video Profile customers may choose to include their video(s).

A Company Profile provides a great opportunity to highlight your company's work culture and promote your brand. Company Profiles are active for one year after the purchase date.

For more information or to purchase a Company Profile, please call 1-866-811-2458.

How to Use

How to set up a Company Profile

Monster's creative team will work with you to set up your Company Profile. After it's created, your Profile is accessible to job seekers even if you have not posted any jobs on Monster, giving your company a constant presence on Monster.

When you do post jobs, your Profile will automatically link to those job ads. And, each job posting will provide a link to your Profile.