100 Best Job Keywords for Your Next Job Posting

If you’re looking to attract and hire talent, you need to select the right job keywords for your title and description. Millions of job searches are conducted each month on Monster.com in addition to searches on Google and other major search engines. In order for your online job posting to be relevant to these search engines, you’ll need to select the right keyword phrases for your job title and description. This process will also help your listing perform better within Monster’s internal search engine.

Fortunately, Monster Intelligence dug into what job seekers are searching for across the nation. Before you list your next job opening, you’ll want to know what we found. Here are the top 100 job keywords to consider:

  1. Administrative assistant
  2. Customer service
  3. Receptionist
  4. Part time
  5. UPS package handler part time entry level warehouse support
  6. Accounting
  7. Human resources
  8. Warehouse
  9. Sales
  10. Manager
  11. Data entry
  12. Administrative
  13. Retail
  14. Work from home
  15. Executive assistant
  16. Project manager
  17. Medical Assistant
  18. Marketing
  19. Accountant
  20. Cashier
  21. Registered nurse
  22. Business analyst
  23. Office
  24. IT
  25. Warehouse worker
  26. Office manager
  27. Finance
  28. Mechanical engineer
  29. Construction
  30. Entry level
  31. Clerical
  32. Controller
  33. Engineer
  34. Manufacturing
  35. Accounts payable
  36. Paralegal
  37. Forklift operator
  38. Customer service representative
  39. LPN
  40. Call center
  41. Graphic designer
  42. Information technology
  43. Office assistant
  44. Maintenance
  45. Full time
  46. Customer services representative
  47. Driver
  48. Operations manager
  49. Data analyst
  50. Part-time
  51. Nurse
  52. Security
  53. Healthcare
  54. Bookkeeper
  55. Remote
  56. Analyst
  57. Pharmacist
  58. RN
  59. Sales representative
  60. Management
  61. Welder
  62. Payroll
  63. Office clerk
  64. Supervisor
  65. Nurse practitioner
  66. Attorney
  67. Purchasing
  68. Recruiter
  69. Financial analyst
  70. Software engineer
  71. Director
  72. Logistics
  73. Sales manager
  74. Electrician
  75. Server
  76. Banking
  77. Delivery driver
  78. Medical office receptionist
  79. Truck driver
  80. Assistant
  81. Legal
  82. Warehouse manager
  83. Insurance
  84. Teacher
  85. Education
  86. Real estate
  87. Secretary
  88. Engineering
  89. Account manager
  90. Medical
  91. Production supervisor
  92. Bartender
  93. CnA
  94. Buyer
  95. Maintenance technician
  96. Graphic design
  97. Automotive
  98. Accounts receivable
  99. Security officer
  100. Restaurant

These data findings are based on an analysis of Monster job seeking activity. Most non-human traffic was removed from the study to improve the results. Direct keyword searches on Monster.com account for about half of job traffic, with increasing traffic coming from 3rd party search (e.g. Google, Banners. TagetMail, Career Ad Network, and other traffic drivers).

Use Job Keywords and More to Attract Top Candidates

To attract top talent, you need to write compelling job ads that not only describe the job’s responsibilities and why they would want to work for you, but that also stand out from the crowd. Could you use some help? After writing your job description and plugging in the right job keywords, post your first job for free with Monster.