Small business hiring guide: surviving COVID-19

For small businesses, COVID-19 brought not only a public health nightmare, but also economic pain and uncertainty. From navigating PPP loans to obtaining PPE equipment, it’s been a tough year. Our Small Business COVID-19 Hiring Guide can help.

Today, some businesses are focused on rehiring employees that were temporarily laid off, while others might need to replace people who don’t wish to return. There’s the additional challenge of adding new hires to meet entirely new customer demands, like health and safety needs for customer-facing employees.

Much of your hiring activity will need to be conducted virtually, which could be foreign territory if you’re a brick and mortar business.

Add to that the complexities of hiring people who may be nervous about working with the public as well as navigating the ever changing national and local restrictions, and it’s no wonder why business owners are stressed.

This guide will reveal some of the key challenges of hiring during COVID-19 that small and medium businesses are facing, along with hiring strategies to prepare for an uncertain future.

Download our Small Business COVID-19 Hiring Guide here.

Small Business Hiring Guide Post COVID-19