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Monster Video: How to Create a Consistent Interview Process

The interview process is a great opportunity for you to exchange key information about your organization while also getting information about a candidate and what they can bring to your organization. 

Go ahead and call the candidate when you see their resume. You can leave them a message and let them know that you're interested in their background and follow that up with an email because they might be more readily respond to you, especially if they're working. 

Once you do make contact with them, be sure to keep it casual, because your first goal should build a rapport with the candidate so that they feel comfortable with you and they get a sense of what the organization's culture's like. 

You'll also want to sell them on the organization and what exciting things are going on with your company. You might be moving to a new location or going through a growth mode that they can see themselves being a part of and then they would then want to pursue the opportunity further with you.

When you are talking to them in this interview, you're also going to want to get key information about what basic qualifications they meet that would qualify them for the role. However, you want to be thoughtful in this approach as to not alienate them, because even though they might not be a fit now, they could be a fit in the future, or they could refer someone else to you for the role in the meantime. 

If there's a mutual interest between yourself and the candidate, you might want to think about scheduling a follow up interview with them so that you could ask them more detailed questions about their background.

This could be done over the phone, again, or you could bring them into your location. You want to prep them and set their expectations correctly. That would include sending them a job description so they can look over all the details about the role, but also letting them know what other people they would be meeting with so they can look up their backgrounds as well, and get a better idea of what other people they need to sell themselves to as a candidate. 

With a consistent interview process in place, you'll be able to have a structured format for how you talk to and qualify candidates whether you talk to 1 candidate a month or 50.

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