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Staffing hiring trends 2019: What to focus on to stay ahead

Revenues are up, confidence is high, and staffing professionals are more in demand than ever to help clients fill talent shortages. But market uncertainty could be ahead in 2019. Take a look at the trends we think will be important to staffing professionals in 2019. It’s all about flexibility and being prepared to pivot in a volatile economy.

Recruiting trends 2019: What large companies need to know

You’ve got your budget set, your KPIs nailed down, and even a list of some of the reqs that you can’t fill until Q4 is up. Now take a look at the trends we think will be important to large businesses in 2019. Yes, AI is on there, but we’ve spotted a few new things that are also worth considering.

How video can help humanize your recruiting

Job seekers expect their digital job search to feel like the rest of their online experience: and that means they want to see plenty of video. If you haven’t added video to your 2019 recruitment strategy, here are some good reasons why you should, and a few tips for how to get started.

What top companies do to attract and hire veterans

A recent Monster survey reports that 74% of veteran job seekers want to work for companies with a strong track record of hiring veterans. Find out what else is important to them, what our Best Companies for Veterans do to attract and retain military talent, and how your company can demonstrate a commitment to veteran hiring.

The future of recruiting lies in marketing

Today ’s technology tools can help us immensely, but more is needed to reach today's candidates.The discipline of marketing has evolved rapidly in recent years with advances in automation and analytics, and recruitment marketing takes a page from the ways large consumer brands get in front of potential customers.