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Monster Research: The Competitive Benefits of STEM Diversity

Findings from a 2012 study by Monster Worldwide and Harris Interactive

Monster Research: The Competitive Benefits of STEM Diversity

In recognition of the value that a diverse workforce brings to business today, Monster asked Harris Interactive® — a leading market research firm – to conduct research that examines the importance of diversity recruiting in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematical (STEM) professions.

The Monster survey, Diversity Recruiting in STEM Occupations, found respondents ranked new attitudes/ideas and increased creativity as the most important benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Survey respondents were asked the question, “In what ways does diversity in the workplace benefit your organization?”

diversity benefits graph

The survey found that respondents believe a variety of competitive benefits flow from a diverse and inclusive workforce culture. 84 percent of respondents mentioned “New attitudes/ideas” as a benefit, while 31 percent said it was the most important benefit. Sixty-nine percent believed diversity leads to increased creativity in the workforce. 

Specifically, respondents support the notion that diversity and inclusion create virtuous cycles of innovation and engagement, with benefits such as:

Diversity and inclusion yield more diverse and innovative ideas. A wider range of experiences, knowledge, and cultural backgrounds, when brought to disciplines such as product development and marketing, yields a wider range of possible products and services. People know what they like, what their families and friends respond to in messages, and how different concerns and desires influence buying decisions.

Additionally, interview respondents indicated that:

  • Diversity allows organizations to more closely mirror their customer base and understand complex concerns. 
  • Diversity and inclusion, working together, encourage employee growth and engagement.
  • Diversity and present a positive environment for attracting the best talent. 
  • Diversity is good for the bottom line. 
  • Diversity enriches the employee experience.

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Findings from the study:

Survey Methodology:
Monster and Harris Interactive conducted an online survey in August 2011 in which more than 400 Chief Diversity Officers or SVPs of Human Resources participated from a representative group of companies involved with architecture and engineering, computer and mathematics or life, physical and social science disciplines. Additionally, we conducted in-depth interviews with diversity and human resources executives.