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Good things companies are doing right now

Good things companies are doing right now

With so much sadness and fear, it’s worth taking a moment to stop and see the best of humanity. Many employers are doing their part to support their employees and their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s also validation that their company values actually mean something.

“Employers who help their workforce by any means necessary during a crisis will maintain brand loyalty,” says Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence. “The coronavirus will unveil the employers who actually believe that talent is their greatest asset from those who just say it.”

Some organizations are doing even more than that. Here’s a look at some employers and companies that are going above and beyond to support their workforces and others.

Keep the paychecks going

Many big name companies that have had to close up temporarily announced that they are offering at least two weeks’ pay to their staff. These include REI, Lululemon, and Workday. Disney said it would continue to pay its park and cruise employees while those are shut down. Other organizations doing standout things for their workers include:

  • Darden Restaurants (which owns Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, and other restaurant brands) implemented an Emergency Pay Program that will provide three weeks of pay to hourly team members in restaurants that have experienced a significant business disruption as a result of COVID-19.
  • Taco Bell will continue paying employees who are required to stay at home or who work at a location that has been closed, for their regularly scheduled hours.
  • Best Buy, which is still open because it sells the essential technology that people need to work and school from home, is allowing its employees to work on a voluntary basis, and those who do, are receiving a temporary pay increase. For anyone who is either sick or has to care for children at home, the company will continue to pay them at their regular rate.
  • The CEOs of Delta and Marriott announced they are giving up their salaries for the year  to try to diminish layoffs. The CEO of Texas Roadhouse restaurants has pledged to do the same, forgoing his salary and bonus for a year to pay front line employees.
  • All 30 Major League Baseball teams have pledged $1 million to pay ballpark employees who were relying on income once the season started.

Helping the community

Some companies are utilizing the skills of their workers to help the greater good. This not only keeps people on the job, but there it also gives them satisfaction in knowing that their work is making a difference. Some examples include:

Banding together for an important cause

Not only are some companies stepping up, but they’re extending a hand to other organizations to create partnerships and prove that there’s strength in numbers.

  • NewsCred, a marketing work management software company with seven global offices including New York, launched an initiative with other NY-based startups to raise money to purchase and distribute one million N95 masks to New York City hospitals. So far, 17 companies have signed on with $10,000 donations.
  • Hilton has partnered with companies that are quickly expanding their workforce including – Albertsons, Walgreens,  Publix, and more – to create the Workforce Resource Center. The goal is to help their displaced staffers find temporary work.
  • Ford is teaming up with 3M and GE Healthcare to help produce personal protective gear for health care workers and ventilators.

Employer Goodwill Extends to New Hires

For the companies that do need to increase staff to meet new demands, giving people a reason to choose their organization (beyond simply needing to find work fast) is more important than ever. “Especially in times of crisis, it’s critical for hiring managers to lead with the company’s core values,” saysBobBailey, Managing Director of Healthcare IT Leaders, PAC Leaders and Locum Choice. “Candidates are attracted to organizations with purpose and that take care of their employees when times are good and bad.”

Applicants may be motivated by the desire to do something “essential” to support society, but knowing that a prospective company really values their services can go a long way as well. Take it from these three giant corporations:

“Building a reputation as a quality employer that cares about people—and then showcasing those qualities during a crisis—is the best way to attract candidates that are a strong fit to your culture,” says Bailey.

Employer goodwill is important every day, but even more so in tough times. For companies in the age of Covid-19, Schawbel has this advice: “Do right by your employees now, and you’ll be looked upon much more favorably in the future when the job market rebounds.”

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