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Your Company Culture is Your Team Machine

Understanding ways to increase overall business performance

As each employee is being asked to do more and teams are ripe for stress and overwhelm, it is especially important to create an environment that fosters team work and employee productivity.  There is no room for drama. And, whether you are aware of it or not, your company has a culture, a culture that is working for you or against.  It has been designed strategically by your leaders or spontaneously by your team.

This webinar examines the important why’s of creating a company culture that supports your business goals and will provide the first steps to fixing your malfunctioning team machine.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Strategic Reasons for Designing a Corporate Culture with Intention
  • Clues that Indicate Whether you have a Malfunctioning Team Machine
  • 5 Basic Culture Types
  • How your Leaders Play a Key Role in Shaping a Culture either Accidentally or on Purpose
  • 5 Keys to Creating a Dynamic Company Culture that Gets You Great Team Results

Monster would like to thank Kirsten Ross for presenting this webinar.

Presented by:
Kirsten E. Ross, SPHR, MLIR
Leadership & HR Coach
Focus Forward Coaching

Kirsten E. Ross, MLIR, SPHR is President of Focus Forward Coaching, LLC.  She brings a unique blend of energy, insight and compassion to her work with clients as a Leadership and HR Coach.   She will help you transform your leadership and your relationships, create a drama-free work zone, enhanced customer loyalty and skyrocketing profits.  

Her education and experience includes a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management, Senior Human Resource Certification, the Coach Training Alliance curriculum and more than 20 years of hands-on Human Resource experience working with leaders and teams.   

Kirsten is the author of a variety of books and articles and has been interviewed as an expert for media such as: NBC Nightly News, Fox 2 News, National Public Radio and for publications such as Working Mother Magazine and Fitness Magazine.  She is an experienced speaker who will add inspiration and fun to any event infusing humor and self-awareness activities that keep audiences entertained.  Participants will walk away with the targeted action plans and the motivation to impact their lives and work.



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