Hire College Students & Grads

A set of innovative recruiting tools that allow you to target and reach more college students and recent grads, while promoting your recruitment brand.

How Monster Reaches College Students and Recent Graduates

Monster knows exactly where students are spending their time online. We've developed a significant and unique network of alliances with schools and online sites that provide access to the college students and recent grads that best match your positions.

Emerging Workforce Solution

Develop your candidate pipeline

  • Candidate Capture
    Build a pipeline of seekers interested in your company and jobs using our lead generation program on Fastweb
  • inCircle Recruiting
    Fill open positions now and develop your candidate pipeline for the future from specific schools and organizations

Promote Your Recruitment Brand

  • Social Recruiting Solution 2.0
    Establish your recruiting presence with a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter
  • Recruitment Media
    Reach students through tailored media campaigns and branded recruitment advertising

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Monster's Student Audience Reach Extends to a Variety of Student Focused Programs

  • MonsterCollege is Monster's college-student focused site that allows you to promote your recruitment brand and find the best entry level candidates. For college students and recent grads, MonsterCollege is a unique community to find job and internships, job search strategies, interview tips, resume templates and more.

  • Fastweb is the nation’s recognized leader in helping students pay for school, by providing scholarships and financial aid information. One out of three college-bound seniors use the site, and more than 50 million (9 million are active users of the site) users have benefitted from Fastweb's information and services. Fastweb students create a personalized profile that is matched against the expansive databases of colleges and scholarships.