Can you post a job on Monster for free? Yes! Here’s how

Let’s face it: Hiring new employees can be expensive. Considering the average cost-per-hire is about $4,129, according to SHRM, many hiring managers and recruiters are undoubtedly looking for ways to cut costs. One way Monster can help: Monster’s free job postings.

Especially in these tough economic times, it’s never been more important to get the qualified candidates you need quickly and on budget. That’s why we made posting your jobs as easy as possible, and now you can post a job on Monster for free. All you have to do is sign up for a free trial for one of our monthly value plans.

Why post your job on Monster?

As a global leader in connecting people and jobs, Monster will help ensure your free job posting gets more exposure from the right people. We’ll help candidates know whether they’re qualified for the position – and allow you to see their match potential – giving you a better pool of qualified candidates to choose from. In addition, we’ll give you a broad view of each candidate with data-driven profiles and show you things you won’t find on resumes, like soft skills, personal interests, and more. And let’s not forget, all of this won’t cost you a dime.

Sound too good to be true? We thought you might say that. Whether you’re ready to start hiring right away or could use some more convincing, we answered some frequently asked questions below to help you post your next job on Monster for free.

So, can you post a job on Monster for free?

Yes, you can post a job on Monster for free when you sign up for a free trial for one of our monthly value plans. Depending on your hiring needs, you can post up to five jobs for free with a Premium subscription.

How do I know which monthly value plan is right for me?

After you sign up for Monster’s free job posting, you then select which monthly value plan is right for you. That will likely depend on the size of your company, your recruitment budget, and your hiring needs. While our Standard plan is our most popular plan, we offer three monthly subscription plans to meet the different needs of recruiters and hiring managers:

  • For one-off hiring needs: Whether you want to just test the waters with a Monster’s free job posting or simply have infrequent hiring needs, the Starter plan will allow you to post one active job and view up to 50 different resumes from our searchable database every month.
  • For small expanding teams: We recommend our Standard plan. Every month, you’ll be able to post up to three active jobs and view as many as 150 resumes on Monster. To help you find the right people faster, you’ll automatically get a performance boost to get even more exposure for your open positions.
  • For rapidly growing teams: The Premium plan is perfect for companies in high growth-mode. With a Premium subscription, you’ll be able to post up to five active jobs a month and view a total of 250 resumes on Monster. Additionally, we’ll give you a performance boost to get you more applications, faster.

What is an active job?

Active jobs are the maximum number of jobs you can have posted simultaneously during the 30-day period.

What are resume views?

Resume views are the maximum number of resumes you can access from our searchable database during the 30-day period. We have resumes on file from candidates in virtually every industry, and new resumes are being uploaded every day!

What is a performance boost?

A performance boost automatically sends your jobs to hundreds of relevant sites, getting them more exposure from the right people during the 30-day period.

What do I get if I sign up for a Monthly Value Plan?

Regardless of which monthly value plan you choose, with every subscription, you will get:

  • Distribution to Monster and hundreds of local news sites.
  • Job alert emails delivered to candidates.
  • Flexible job postings – you can start and stop at any time.
  • Unlimited job applicants – no cap on how many candidates can apply to your job while it’s live.
  • Reusable job postings – easily edit and adapt for a new opening.
  • Access to our 2,000+ pre-written job descriptions – use ours or write your own
  • Mobile-optimized job view to reach candidates where they spend their time
  • Tools for team collaboration with multi-user access
  • Access to Monster’s resume database, so you can find and view candidates proactively (Standard and Premium Plans only)
  • Precision filtering to narrow or widen your search results (Standard and Premium Plans only)
  • Built-in text and email capability to contact candidates directly (Standard and Premium Plans only)
  • Email alerts when new resumes are submitted that match your criteria (Standard and Premium Plans only)

OK, I’m interested. Now tell me how the free trial works.

Getting started couldn’t be easier! Simply select a plan, and you’ll automatically get a free trial in any subscription plan. Then, you’ll be all set to post jobs for free during your trial period.

When your free trial ends, we’ll charge the payment method you provided during signup. You can pause, cancel, or change your subscription at any time.

Where will my free job posting be advertised?

Your free job posting will be visible on, hundreds of local news sites, our mobile app, and Monster network sites.

Is there a limit to how many candidates can apply to my free job posting?

Absolutely not! Our goal is to help you find the right fit. This means we won’t put a cap on the number of applicants you can receive for the duration of your posting.

I have hiring needs to fill now. How soon will I start receiving resumes?

Your free job posting will be live within an hour of posting. You will start to receive resumes from applicants as soon as we get them.

How long will it take to post my free job on Monster?

Our simple job posting form should only take a few minutes to complete. All you’ll need to include is your job’s title, location, description, and the email address where you want to have applications sent.

I’m not sure what to put in the job description. Can you help?

We’re here to help you find the right fit. When you sign up for a free trial, you’ll get access to our library of 2,000+ pre-written job descriptions, free for you to use. If you prefer to write your own job description, but could use some help, check out our guide to writing great job descriptions, and be sure to take a look at some of our sample job descriptions, too.

What is your cancellation policy?

Having second thoughts? No worries! You’re free to cancel your Monthly Value Plan subscription at any time. Simply click the link in your Customer Account Preferences to cancel your subscription. You will still be able to use your Plan if there are remaining days in your current 30-day cycle.

Ready to try Monster’s free job posting?

Let us show you what we can do when you sign up for a free trial on Monster.