Monster Twitter Cards

Boost your Monster Job Ads with automated, branded job Tweets to your followers.

What if you could source top talent by exposing your job ads to social communities without increasing your workload?

Only Monster''s Twitter Cards can automate the distribution of your jobs to your Twitter followers, with enhanced branding & expanded messaging.

These automated, prominent job tweets will appear on your Twitter page, in the form of "Twitter Cards" that include your logo or an image of your choice, a job title, the company name, as well as a link to your Monster Job Ad. Salary and location information may also be included.

  • It’s Social. Send up to 10 branded job announcements and one summary tweet with a link to all open jobs each day to your Twitter handle(s).
  • It’s Engaging. Expanded content helps drive additional reach, engagement and interaction with seekers.
  • It’s Automated. After initial setup, your new jobs will automatically be tweeted to your followers each day.
  • It’s Mobile. Your jobs will also appear on Twitter’s mobile app..

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Post and Tweet in one simple step

After a quick set-up, your Monster Twitter Cards go to work for you—spreading the word about your latest job openings.

Put your social recruiting to work

Expand your social reach and brand awareness with job seekers by automatically Tweeting your jobs throughout the day to your Twitter feed.

Get noticed

Popular recruiting hashtags such as #career, #jobs and #hiring as well as job specific and customized hashtags are integrated into your Tweets, providing additional exposure for your job ads.