Monster Recruitment Media Solutions

Monster Audience Network

Monster Audience Network delivers the best candidates faster by serving your opportunities to relevant job seekers on and off Monster.

How it Works

First and third party data is used to identify and target users that fit your criteria. We then serve them your customized ad on sites they visit. This retargeted ad engages the job seekers and drives them back to your opportunity where they can apply.

Why Monster Audience Network?

Attract Qualified Candidates
Behavioral targeting serves your custom ads exclusively to relevant and qualified talent; allowing you to attract top candidates and receive more relevant applies.

Engage Passive Talent
Candidates don’t have to visit Monster, or be looking for a job. We’ll get your opportunity in front of top passive (and active) candidates on the sites they do visit.

Control Your Message
Use our professional, customized, co-branded templates and drive traffic to any URL you choose. Or you can provide your own ad creative.

Boost your Employer Brand
Be seen and get known. You’ll increase the visibility of your employer brand with off-site impressions.

Recruit More Efficiently
Your ad will automatically optimize based on performance and the target audience. A dedicated Monster specialist will oversee the strategy, implementation, performance and reporting of your ads, so you can focus on other priorities.