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Monster makes it easy to find engineering professionals. Our extensive resume database connects you to qualified workers across the nation, enabling you to find staff in your local area. Monster has high volumes of engineering resumes in California and Texas, as well as in top metro markets.

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Demand for Engineering Talent Is Projected to Continue
The engineering sector is headed for continued growth with an 11 percent rise in the occupation by 2018 as forecasted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Despite the positive momentum, the engineering industry’s primary challenge lies in educating and training sufficient candidates to meet recruiting demands.

In-Demand Engineering Jobs3 Projected Growth (2012-2022) Projected Job Openings (2012-2022)
 Civil Engineers Higher than Average 120,100
 Drafters, Engineering Technicians Slower than Average 149,600
 Engineering Technicians Slower than Average 100,500

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Recruiting hard-to-find engineering talent may require you to fine-tune your talent acquisition strategy. A 2012 Monster survey sheds light on how top companies recruit STEM talent.
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    2Monster Resume Search Database, 5.16.13
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