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Monster Video: Employee Performance Reviews

Monster Video: Employee Performance Reviews

Poor employee performance can sap your company’s bottom line.

That makes it crucial to regularly conduct employee performance reviews with your staff, says Roberta Matuson, president of Human Resource Solutions and author of Suddenly in Charge.

In this video, Matuson shares a cautionary story of one CEO who decided not to do performance reviews and the inevitable results.

Video transcript

By: Roberta Matuson

I had a situation where I was working with a CEO who decided that he did not want to do performance reviews . And he chose not to do them because he was afraid that people wouldn’t like him.

So what wound up happening is that employee productivity dropped significantly because his employees were so concerned about how they were doing -- and they had no idea.

And so in his quest to be loved, rather than respected, it wound up having the opposite effect and so it wasn’t until such time as we had to do some shifting in his thinking and get him back on track.

Nobody likes to have to tell somebody that they’re not doing a great job. However, if you don’t tell them, how can you expect them to improve?

So what might wind up happening in your organization is , you may wind up taking on much more than you should be doing because you think to yourself, “Well, I’ll just do it myself, because this way I’ll know it’s done right."

It’s very difficult as a small business owner to move your business forward if you are so involved in the tactical day to day happenings in your organization. So it’s really important to take a step back and have those conversations in a way that allows the employee to improve their performance.

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