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Monster Video: Make the Most of Onboarding New Hires

Does the onboarding process that you provide your new hires create a positive impression of your company?

In this Monster video, Jon Picoult, founder and principal of Watermark Consulting, explains why onboarding is the crucial completion of the hiring process -- one that will have a lasting impact, positive or negative, on your recruiting success. 

Video Transcript:

I think a lot of companies look at the onboarding process as the last administrative step in their new hire process. And I think actually you should look at it as the first step in your employee experience.

For one, think about giving people the perception of control. It’s human nature that when we don’t feel as though we’re in control of our destiny or circumstances, that detracts from our feeling about the quality of the experience.

So when you have new hires, think about doing things like in advance,  giving them directions -- very clear directions -- on how to get to your office on the first day; where exactly should they park, where they should go when they walk into the building.

Something like that makes people feel like, “Wow, they’re actually treating me as an individual. That’s neat. I don’t always get that in other places.”

The key question you should ask when you look at your onboarding process is does it make new hires feel welcomed and cared for -- or does it make them feel abandoned and left to fend for themselves?

Because that impression that you’re leaving on people is going to drive an influence, the loyalty that they’re then going to have to your organization.

If they join your company and they feel: “Wow, these people take care of their own. These people are really watching out for me. They got my back, they’re making sure everything I need to be successful is in place” -- that’s very engaging for new hires.

And that’s going to translate into them being much more likely at being happy and satisfied and loyal to your organization.