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Monster Video: Help the Job Seeker Accept your Job Offer

Seth Matheson

Meredith Campbell is a Delivery Manager for Talent Fusion by Monster.

It takes time to find the right candidate, but once you do, you'll want to make sure you're taking the necessary steps to ensure that they accept your job offer

The hiring process is all about timing, especially the timing between the interview and the time you're ready to extend your offer. 

This is a great time to get back in touch with the candidate and touch base on a few key topics. You may want to cover any added perks of the position and reiterate some of the items you discussed during the interview process

For example, I found it helpful to talk about some projects that they may be working on. You can also talk about the growth path of the position, or even talk about the direction of the company, what the organization is like. 

You also want to use this time to make sure there are no surprises when you're extending the offer. You'll want to review compensation, benefits, and the start date. You'll also want to talk about any competitive offers that they may have on the table and make sure that everything is still in line. 

If you're misaligned at this point, you may come into some unexpected surprises when you're ready to extend the offer. You don't want the candidate to get to the offer stage and cause unnecessary delays or even decline your offer by not covering this information.

When you're ready to extend the offer, you want to ensure the candidate accepts it. This is an exciting life event, and you want to be sure to treat it as such. I always remember to congratulate the candidate and explain why I feel that he or she would be such a good fit for the position. It's also important to remember after you've shared all these details to ask if the candidate formally accepts your offer. 

If they do need a little bit more time to think it over before accepting, I like to set a time to follow back up within the same week, and then make sure to do so on the agreed-upon date. 

Setting expectations and continuing to sell your company and the position are important, even after the interview process is over. This will help ensure the right candidate accepts your job offer.

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