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Recruitment And Employee Engagement at CLEARLINK

Recruitment And Employee Engagement at CLEARLINK

By: Connie Blaszczyk, Managing Editor, Resource Center

It’s rare that a website captures a company’s brand while managing to be fun and engaging. That’s exactly what CLEARLINK, a Utah-based company that provides content and conversion services for top consumer brands, has accomplished.

CLEARLINK’s website breaks all the rules -- with a 3-D navigational Rubix Cube:


Mission Statement

 And an interactive ping pong game:

User engagement


These fun apps serve a serious function -- simultaneously demonstrating CLEARLINK's creative vision while driving employee engagement and their recruitment strategy. In fact, the site plays a key role in their plans to more than double their current 300+ employee base by year-end.

Surprisingly, the site’s design resulted from a crisis in how to demonstrate the company brand. The solution, while simple, may strike fear into some CEOs: allow employees to create much of the website’s content and messaging. 

Lest you think this tactic can only work for “cool” companies with “cool” employees, read on to find out more about CLEARLINK’s savvy recruitment strategies.

Monster: The site appears designed to accomplish multiple purposes. 

CLEARLINK: We designed the site to speak to multiple audiences: our clients as well as potential employees. Recruiting really is and was the primary purpose, though. What we’re after are “big brains,” as we call them -- the creative minds that will help us achieve our growth goals. We wanted to embrace transparency, letting candidates explore who we are instead of telling them on an “About Us” page.

Monster: Has this helped streamline CLEARLINK’s recruitment process?

CLEARLINK: We get endless feedback from our recruiting team about candidates referencing how our site alone made them want to join our team before they even entered our building. A big portion of our workforce is Gen Y -- they want to be part of something unique and authentic. 

The site sells the candidate on the company, reducing the burden on our recruiting team of pitching us to candidates. Candidates are already bought-in to our culture and picture themselves on our team before they set foot in the building.

Monster: The Employee Referral program offers cash incentives and accounts for over 75% of the company’s new hires by existing employees. What about the remaining 25%?

Clearlink Employee Referral

CLEARLINK: The downside of employee referrals is the lack of volume control. We can motivate our employees and keep the program top of mind, but we can’t automatically turn the volume up when we need to urgently scale. We use a more controllable mix of local media and career portals like Monster.com to help fill positions quickly.

Monster: The Working in Utah 101 feature on the website includes a Top Ten list of reasons to live and work in Utah. What portion of CLEARLINK employees are from out of state?

CLEARLINK: We’re just now at a point that recruiting out of state candidates is becoming a bigger part of our strategy. In fact, our last three corporate hires have come from out of state companies like Google, Netflix, and TaylorMade.

Monster: This area of the site includes short job descriptions. Why include these?   

CLEARLINK: We’ve revised our job description format a few times over the past year to find the balance that shows our company culture and personality without scaring off professionals with our informality. 

Monster:  The Top 10 Reasons to Work Here graphic is very cool -- it both demonstrates the company’s design prowess while presenting employee feedback in a very fun way.

Clearlink Employee Referral


CLEARLINK: We actually started this page with a witty top ten list created by our copywriting team, but it didn’t feel authentic. We switched gears and asked our employees what they love about working here. They brought authenticity to this piece and the design needed to match their exceptional comments. It’s also consistent with the content that’s being posted real-time on our company Facebook page

People always ask us how we get our employees to say such great things about us on our site and FB profile, but we really don’t try. Our efforts go into their daily interactions with the company and how we make them feel about themselves and their work. 

Monster: Any suggestions for companies who want to freshen up their company website? How do they best start? 

CLEARLINK: Start with your employees! Avoid the urge to sit down with the executive team and map out the website. The executive level perspective of what the company is and means to its employees is sometimes skewed.  Plus, employees feel some level of ownership and pride of the site when they play a role in developing it.

Clearlink Employee Referral