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Recruiting: Reignite your Recruiters’ Spark

Recruiting:  Reignite your Recruiters’ Spark

By: The Recruiting Training Corner

A plaintive theme can be heard across cubicles all over North America of late: deadlines are too tight, there are too few people to do the work, the economy is uncertain and employee motivation  is in the basement.  

All of which can lead to workplace morale issues that undermine the quality of the work across your organization. 

So how does one stem this tide?

Start your recruiters. They are often the first person that a candidate encounters. Reignite their passion for the job is essential to maintaining a high-performing workplace. 

Let’s explore six factors you should consider to help you achieve this goal.

Enrich Positions. When was the last time you took inventory of your recruiters’ strengths and weaknesses and tailored tasks for them based on those qualities? 

While it may seem like a monumental task, understanding what makes a recruiter tick will go a long way to creating more job satisfaction. And more job satisfaction will ultimately lead to a recruitment team that has more passion for what they do.

Track Metrics. You need to accurately measure metrics in order to clearly measure recruiters’ successes.

Does your organization have these systems in place today?  If so, are you actively looking at those numbers and trying to understand the results? 

Make it a point to start reviewing your metrics, understanding your benchmarks, and most importantly, making changes based on the data. 

If analyzed properly, these numbers can be powerful tools to manage your recruiters effectively and give them a true understanding of how they can be successful in your organization.

Maintain your Level of Excitement. As manager, are you maintaining your own level of excitement for the job?  Are you taking the time to empower employees, enthusiastically sell your services (if that applies to your situation) and finding the time to make happiness a ritual?

If not, it might not be realistic to expect the same from your team. Remember that positive communications in the workplace set a tone.  Be aware of this, even on bad days. 

Meetings Matter. As part of your team leadership, start every week with a team meeting to motivate employees.

Have everyone outline their goals for the week, discuss potential challenges they see, asking others in the group weigh in. Make sure to clearly communicate successes that the group has had.  This will create an atmosphere of teamwork.  Additionally, make time for one-on-ones. 

Ask status questions about their requisitions and truly listen to their answers. Always make sure they know that you understand what’s happening with their jobs, care about what they feel, and are there to support them and their success.

Make Time for Fun. This may seem obvious, but taking your group out to a restaurant and having fun outside the office is extremely important to morale. 
And if that’s difficult to do due to commitments outside of work, how about trying to incorporate it within the work day?  Don’t make it a requirement, but invite the team to participate in Coffee Tuesdays or potluck lunches. 

Teams who get to know each other beyond the superficial will be more likely to enjoy work and want to help each other. 

Use the Right Products. Although your organization is probably doing more with less, try to solicit ideas from your recruiters about the tools they’re using.

Do they feel like you have the right mix of products?  Are you missing something?   What does your competition currently have? Understanding what your competition is doing will ultimately help to successfully recruit qualified candidates to your organization.

Ultimately, it’s about your team’s development so that they feel empowered in the process.  

To gain a deeper understanding of your team’s current level of motivation, consider using an employee satisfaction survey.

Making a concerted effort to motivate your recruiters should be at the top of your list of priorities every year as HR manager, regardless of the state of the economy or the state of your current organization.