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Monster Video: Social Media and Real-Time Marketing

Monster Video:  Social Media and Real-Time Marketing

Today’s world of real-time marketing allows your customers to interact with you and with each other instantly.

So how should you respond? In real-time, says best-selling author David Meerman Scott.

In this Monster video, Scott (The New Rules of Marketing & PR, 3rd Edition, Wiley 2011) explains the benefits of real-time social media marketing and how it can transform a negative response into a positive opportunity.

Video transcript:

By: David Meerman Scott

We’re living in a real time world right now, absolutely real time -- things like Twitter-- instantaneous communications. If I send a Tweet right now – bang -- instantly it’s out, for the entire world to see it.

And now more than ever before, your customers, your potential customers, people in the marketplace, are instantly engaging with you and with other companies that they do business with.

They expect an instant response -- so if I have a bad situation on, let’s say an airline, I might tweet, “Jeez, I just had a bad flight on this particular airline.”

I don’t expect the airline to get back to me. And almost never do the people I talk about get back to me. And everyone I talk to says the same thing, it’s very rare.

But what happens if you did? If you say “Gee, sorry about that. We’ll try to do better next time’.”

Oh my God, their company got back to me!

The potential benefits of responding to people in real time, through things like Twitter or commenting on people’s blogs, is an enormous benefit, because you’re seen as human.

Oh my gosh, there’s real people who work at that company. You’re seen as caring. Oh my gosh, they care about me!

Contrast that with how so many companies do business. You call their 800 number, they say, “Your call is important to us. We will answer the call in the order received.”

How important is my call if you can’t pick up the phone when I call you? We’re living in a real time world. “We’ll answer the call in the order received” is not good enough anymore.

Or how about you send them an email -- or even I don’t know if anyone does this anymore -- an actual handwritten letter. Does it take them six months or three months or never to get back to you?

But we’re living in a real time world. The Web is real time, Twitter is real time, blogs are real time, Youtube is real time.

Do they get back to you instantly -- and you know what -- even if somebody is saying something negative, if you get back to them quickly, you can turn it around into a positive.

Because people are amazed that you actually got back to them. Oh my God, this company, they care. I might have had a little bit of a bad situation -- I’ll work with them again. Or maybe I’ll even Tweet and say how much I love them now.

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