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New Trends in Online Recruiting Strategies

New Trends in Online Recruiting Strategies

By: Connie Blaszczyk, Managing Editor, Monster Resource Center

What are the new trends in online recruiting strategies? To find out, we asked the experts at CKR Interactive, a recruitment advertising agency founded in 2001 in the heart of Silicon Valley.

For three years running, CKR has been named to Inc.’s list of fastest-growing private US companies. The company was a winner at the 2012 Creative Excellence Awards.

Monster: What new trends are creating a winning online recruitment strategy for today’s leading companies?

CKR: We are seeing a trend of employers embracing emerging media in efforts to be where their target audience is, while strengthening their employer brand as an innovative work place.

A big emphasis on a streamlined mobile and social media marketing plan has been key, as has unique, interactive career sites, reevaluating employer brand propositions and positioning, and ongoing metrics to measure ROI.

Employers, now more than ever, need to look at the big picture and plan for the future versus tackling everything one project at a time.

As the economy recovers, the war for talent is picking back up and employers need to focus on being where their target candidates are, instead of expecting the talent to find them. Still, an emphasis on utilizing messaging and online assessment functionality is important to ensure that the candidates entering the pipeline are the right ones.

Monster: Is the objective to engage as many people as possible? Or is it possible to be more selective in attracting specific skills?

CKR: It’s a bit of a mix of both -- for the most part the objective is to identify how to get in front of a very specific prospect.

However, it’s also important to maintain a strong employer brand, especially in the social realm where many aim to engage as many people as possible, as your connections there may very well lead to future candidates and/or customers.

Monster: Can innovative multimedia marketing be done effectively, without breaking the bank?

CKR: An example of a low-cost multimedia campaign we conducted for ourselves is our agency anniversary campaign, which won Grand Prize for Self Promotion at this year’s CEAs.

As CKR’s anniversary falls on April 1st, we decided to launch an April Fool’s Day campaign promoting several fake (and hilarious if we do say so ourselves) products promising to help employers to retain and even clone their top talent via three topics: Cloner, Deployee and reTension.


Utilizing online marketing tactics including video, landing pages, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media, email campaigns, sales sheets and PR, we were able to stir up a lot of buzz and traffic to our site without breaking the bank.

In fact, our social shared when up 300%, our Facebook fan base grew to more than those of our top competitors’’ combined, and we saw a huge increase in site traffic -- about a 55% increase from the norm! And this is all from a campaign that ran for less than a week.

Monster: How are companies using online media to build their brand?

CKR: Companies are now aiming to utilize online media in a comprehensive manner versus a piecemeal approach, taking into consideration placement, timing, frequency, messaging and creative used.

Every single detail has an effect on the employer’s brand and must be taken into thoughtful consideration. Furthermore, avenues such as social media are being used with a focus to strengthen the employer brand and communications with potential candidates, versus solely on recruitment.

An example of a successful career website is the site CKR designed for one of the world's largest and most respected contract research organizations, Covance (a multi-award winner).

Site visitors are able to quickly learn about Covance, view their connections and current openings at Covance, and access information on a variety of topics such as university/college opportunities, benefits, various departments/career paths, and diversity. Visitors also learn about Covance’s mobile job search app, which makes it even easier for job seekers to stay abreast of opportunities at Covance.

Additional examples of our favorite career sites can be viewed on Our Portfolio page.

Monster: What three social media activities will be most effective in recruiting top talent?

CKR: Based on the current trends and successes we’re seeing, we believe that these three social media tactics  will be most effective in recruiting top talent in the months ahead:

  • Content strategy that includes targeted status updates to show thought leadership in specific areas and feature online content  in context for the organization.
  • Sharing jobs in context with content across the social web.
  • Targeting the right followers/fans and being active on three or more social platforms.