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Signing High Demand Talent: Intel from Staffing Experts

Signing High Demand Talent: Intel from Staffing Experts

Once upon a time, negotiating a job offer was a relatively simple process. Today, that no longer holds true. The shift in tone is due in large part to the shortage of skilled workers in major industries. 

While salary remains a key part of the job offer discussion, it’s just one part of successfully signing top talent, a trend that's seen in healthcare, finance, technology and engineering. Signing discussions often include talk of bonuses – both now and later – as well as equity, options and career development opportunities.  

We asked leading staffing experts about today's evolving compensation strategies

“It’s important to offer competitive pay packages as long as you’re paying your current employees similar packages and programs. Don’t think they’re not being presented with new job offers elsewhere.”

-- Abigail Tremble, President of Randstad Healthcare

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“Hire-on bonuses are making a return to attract top talent. A few long-term incentives we've seen include five-figure year-end, 3-year and 5-year bonuses.”

-- Peter Gault, president of Gault Staffing Inc.

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“Equity, participation bonuses, profit-sharing -- those are always exciting for anyone, especially if they believe in the management team and the viability of the business.”

-- Kathleen Downs, Recruiting Manager for Robert Half Finance & Accounting 

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“Employers should come to the plate with the best offer first. If there’s a negotiation, people don’t feel quite as valued.”

-- Laura Shoults, Senior Recruiter, Engineering and Operations, Versique Search and Consulting

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