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Cloud Solutions for TMS

Now that you have access to the cloud, you can streamline your recruiting process, gain better insight into your talent pool and refocus your strategy by utilizing solid data. Find your product below to see how you can start using your Monster Cloud solutions today.

Cloud Solutions for TMS Start-up Guide We’ve compiled all of the TMS Cloud materials below into a quick start-up guide. Just download and send it to your team.  
TMS Cloud Search
Redefine how you find and manage talent. Store resumes from your TMS and other sources in one place. Plus, access Monster resumes and search like never before. Get started now!    
TMS Cloud Analytics You’re about to get a whole new perspective on your recruiting strategy. Check out the guide and video to learn how you can run custom reports and gain insight to address your recruiting challenges.  
Super Search with Cloud Messaging
Search, send, repeat. It’s never been easier to find and reach out to candidates! Now you can learn how to search for and message multiple candidates in one simple, seamless process. Super Search is sold separately.