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The Small Business Hiring Guide

Sharpen your hiring skills

The Small Business Hiring Guide

In today’s competitive marketplace, your biggest advantage may be the strength of your team and your company's brand. Yet locating and hiring star employees isn’t easy for small businesses.

It takes patience and persistence to find candidates with the right skills and talents, with qualities that complement your company’s culture, and with personalities that will thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. You can’t afford to settle for someone who’s just “sufficient.” You need candidates who can make your business boom.

Whether you’re hiring today – or getting ready to hire sometime soon – these articles will help sharpen your hiring skills. You’ll be ready to land the star talent your company needs and gain a leg up on the competition.

Five Essentials for Every Job Description
A job description should be clear and simple. These five steps will help your listing attract the right candidates.

Interview Strategies for Successful Hiring
A well-conducted interview can provide a wealth of information about the job candidate. Use these simple rules as a guide.

Closing the Deal: Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse
In a competitive job market, it’s crucial to close the deal quickly, particularly for small business. These tips can help.

Small Business Hiring Resources
These online hiring resources can be useful for the recruitment process, particularly if you’re hiring for a small business.

Every new hire counts for your small business!

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