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Make the Most of Recruitment Emails: Archived Webinar

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Email is not dead! But it has evolved. It’s become a powerful tool to connect hiring managers and recruiters with candidates. But email isn’t about flooding in-boxes with long, irrelevant messages, hoping someone actually opens and responds to them. It’s about being strategic.

It’s about understanding the importance of each component of an email and how vital it is to maximizing recruitment effectiveness. From subject lines to calls to action, there are hundreds of variables that can impact the success of a recruitment email.

In this archived Monster webinar, you’ll get an in-depth look at email best practices for hiring managers and recruiters. In this webcast, we’ll focus on the critical steps to follow for increased response rates and higher engagement. Our discussion will cover best practices for:

  • Subject lines
  • Body content
  • Avoiding the SPAM filter
  • Formatting
  • Landing Pages and much more!

You’ll also get an inside look at Monster Talent CRM, a robust recruiting tool that helps you launch targeted emails that attract top talent.

Paul MacGillivray, Senior Business Consultant, recruitment and technology professional at

About the Presenter: 

Paul MacGillivray 
Senior Business Consultant

Paul has been a recruitment and technology professional at for over 14 years and is considered a subject matter expert in the online recruitment industry.He provides on-site and webinar trainings to Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 clients daily and has provided advice to hundreds of job seekers on resume building, interviewing and networking. Paul frequently serves as an industry expert at events like the Society of Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) and Electronic Recruiting Exchange’s (ERE) annual conferences and expos. 

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