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Monster On-Demand Webinar: Connect with Elusive Talent

Today, everyone has an online footprint. With such an extensive array of information on the Internet, it’s challenging to connect with the right people. 

Candidates aren’t sitting around passively waiting to be found. They’re out in the world, engaging with people, brands and businesses across devices, geographies, and platforms. They’re navigating seamlessly between the physical and digital world. And they’re gathering and leaving vast amounts of information along the way. 

In this on-demand webinar learn how to connect with elusive talent -- wherever they are -- and learn how to engage and recruit top talent where they live online -- with one provider.

You’ll gain a competitive advantage by learning how to:

  • Discover and connect with hard-to-find candidates at scale and across devices
  • Develop communication strategies to help drive qualified responses to your jobs
  • Maximize quality of hires, generated significant cost savings, and quickly connect with the right candidates

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