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Welcoming your next hire: The new employee announcement

You’ve gone through the long, laborious process of recruiting, interviewing, vetting, and at long last, hiring a new employee. While congratulations are in order, your work is not done — you have to welcome that new employee to your company.

Successfully onboarding a new hire is considered one of the most important HR functions, second only to recruiting. And a key part of welcoming this person to your company is making the new employee announcement. Below are some tips to keep in mind as you introduce your latest recruit to the company, their team, and clients.

Before the announcement

The first day for any new employee can be overwhelming, intimidating, or at least a little nerve-wracking. The way that you welcome them can have a lasting effect on how they feel about the company and their place in it.

Instead of just showing them around, drowning them in paperwork, and throwing some tasks their way, have a plan in place before they even show up for that first day of work:

  • Set up their space.
  • Have a schedule for meeting with HR, their manager, and team.
  • Plan an effective training schedule.
  • Figure out who will take or accompany them to lunch on their first day.

Making the extra effort to welcome and support your new hire will help them feel more like a part of the team rather than a cog in a wheel.

The announcement itself

Whether you make your new employee announcement by email or in person at a company meeting, there are a few key elements you should include.

First, mention the employee’s new position and when they’ll start. Explain what team they’re joining, why they were hired, and what they’ll be doing. This provides context to the hiring decision.

Second, describe relevant aspects of your new hire’s background — notable positions, education, and significant accomplishments. Highlighting their skills and experience gives them credibility among their new coworkers and makes them feel appreciated from the get-go.

Third, encourage existing employees to welcome their new colleague, whether they work on the same team or spot them in the halls. You could also invite them to join a welcome lunch or reception, especially if a few people were hired at the same time.

Introducing new hires to clients

If your new staff member will be interacting with clients, it’s important to introduce them to those clients as well. Making a new employee announcement to clients is similar to an internal announcement, with a few important additions. Include how the employee will be assisting the client, their contact information, and whether or not they are replacing a previous employee who worked with the client in the past. This can help avoid confusion and make the transition go smoothly.

After the new employee announcement

Even once you’ve made those general announcements to the company and clients, there’s still more you can do to help integrate them into the company. It’s a good idea to conduct smaller meetings where you introduce the new hire to their team, supervisors, other HR staff, and anyone else who could be helpful to them.

To go above and beyond, assign a mentor who can guide your new employee in terms of developing their skills, working toward career goals, and explaining your company culture. And whether or not you assign a mentor, follow up with them to see how they’re acclimating. Assess if they’d like or need additional training and ask for their feedback on your onboarding process. Doing so will make them feel valued and could lead to helpful changes in your onboarding or training programs.

Bring quality employees into your team

A lot of work comes before and after that new employee announcement. But all the effort you put into recruiting, hiring, and retaining a great employee is worth it. Get more tips by signing up for Monster Hiring Solutions where you’ll receive expert recruiting advice, the latest hiring trends, and more.