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Monster Video: Is your Recruiting and Hiring Successful?

Is your quest to recruit a new hire — someone with just the right soft skills, talent and experience – seemingly impossible?

In this Monster video, Jon Picoult, founder and principal of Watermark Consulting, recommends taking some time with your team to review your recruiting strategy that will improve your future small business hiring

Video Transcript:

Monster: What criteria do companies need to have in terms of the profile of candidates to really find that right hire, that perfect person?”

Picoult: There’s not one answer for all companies. It depends on the company of course and the position.

What I recommend is you want to look at the history of the candidates that you brought on and the resulting success that they have or haven’t had in order to determine what the profile is that we should be recruiting to.

And I think that a lot of companies skip this step. You know they sort of have this traditional job description that they used for years and years, and this is what we always hired for.

But they never take the time to actually go back, maybe a year after they hired ten people and say to themselves, “Which ones did great and which ones didn’t do so great? And are there any common themes about their background that would help us to learn what we should look for in the future?

There are obviously tools that people can use once you’ve identified what those themes are – to then search for candidates that exhibit those characteristics.

Monster: Using analytics…

Picoult: Exactly – using analytics. But at the very least, it’s worth a conversation with your team to say: Let’s take a look at the last 10 to 20 people that we hired in this position. And let’s talk about who was successful and who wasn’t. And let’s take a look, then, at their background. Where did they use to work? Do they have industry experience? What was their education level?

And you might find that there are some patterns that come out that help to inform your future recruiting efforts.

Monster: And that sounds like something you could do as a business whether or not you have a dedicated HR person or whether it’s simply your team, if you’re a smaller business, and you got five people to come together to talk and reassess.

Picoult: Absolutely. I think there are low-tech and there are high-tech ways to do it — and it’s worth pursuing both. Because you never know what you’re going to discover and it could be very beneficial in helping you hone that hiring profile. So that you’re hiring people who are more likely to succeed in the job a year and more later.