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Monster Video: Is Your Company Website Ready for Recruiting?

What does your company website say to job seekers? Will it encourage them to apply to your job postings? Does it convey the best aspects of your company culture?

In this Monster video, Roberta Matuson points out the importance of creating a company website that will support your hiring strategy — whether you’re looking to recruit Gen Y talent or your goal is sales recruitment

Roberta Matuson is the author of the international bestseller, Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around (Nicholas Brealey, 2011) and the forthcoming book, The Magnetic Workplace (Nicholas Brealey, 2013). She is president of Human Resource Solutions, which helps organizations create exceptional workplaces that deliver extraordinary results.

Video Transcript:  

Monster: Roberta, we’re living in an information age. All the information that is out there online – so many websites.  Candidates looking for work, they visit your company website, what should they find there to bring them in, to draw them into your company and want to work there?

Matuson: That’s a really interesting question. Most candidates have decided within 30 seconds whether or not they want to even come interview with your company. And that’s based on what they see on your website.

So I see a lot of companies try to look like everyone else. In fact, I recommend that you stand out in the crowd. Be bold, be different. Make me think when I come to your website, "Wow, I can see myself working for that organization."

Monster: What if your organization sells widgets? They’re not sexy widgets. They’re not  — you know –  it’s infrastructure. Inherently I don’t know how to make my business seemed bold and exciting and interesting. What do I do?

Matuson: It may not be a very exciting product. Yet you have a team of people who’ve been with you for a long time. There’s a reason, maybe some of the work that you’re doing in your organization, you’re giving employees an opportunity to give back to their community. That would be an area I would say, “Let’s highlight that.”

Why do people come to work with your company? What do they enjoy most? Let’s do some videos, let’s show the sparkle that’s really inside of your people instead of those stock photos where everybody looks like they’re having a great time or everyone looks like they belong in the GAP ad. That doesn’t work anymore because if your site looks like everyone else’s then I might as well go work for everyone else. 

So the whole idea is to get me to say ‘”Wow, this looks like a really great place to work, tell me more.” And that’s why I really encourage employers, especially when you’re putting together your website, to make sure that your career page is not an afterthought. 

So often I see that the career page has been tacked on the end and it basically just has “Here’s how to apply and we have these openings.” And by the way, these openings have now been opened for two years.

So it’s important that your site be kept up to date. And that your employment branding be a part of your whole brand when you’re putting together your website.