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Top 10 Influencers of HR Tech 2018

The biggest conference of the year is about to begin—and to make sure you don't miss out on what's happening at HR Technology Conference, make sure to follow these thumb-stopping tweeters.

Top 10 Influencers of HR Tech 2018

We at Monster are excitedly gearing up for another HR Tech—the conference that brings together some of the top minds of the recruiting and human capital industry to look ahead to what’s next.

With thousands of attendees, more than 70 sessions, and an expo floor the size of seven football fields, the HR Technology Conference is the blockbuster of our industry. So even if you can’t make it to Vegas from September 11th to 14th, you’ll probably want to follow along from the social mediasphere.

The best way to get your hands around what’s important from the conference—or get that “being there” feeling—is by watching what some of the conference’s top influencers are talking about.  To help you with that, we narrowed the list down to the top ten people we’ll be following on social media (and at the conference), so you can add them to your own list of thought leaders worth watching.

Top influencers of #HRTech

Steve Boese

Co-chair, HR Tech; Co-host, HR Happy Hour podcast

Of course, the number one must-follow for HR Tech is HR Tech’s own co-chair Steve Boese, whom we've been following for a while now. Not only will he have his finger on the pulse of everything conference-related, he’s got a knack for sharing the kind of “must-read” HR & recruiting content we love, and we know you will too.


Gretchen Alarcon

SVP, HCM Strategy, Oracle

Gretchen Alarcon is speaking at the Women in HR Tech track taking place all of Tuesday. This is something we won’t be missing, and about which we’ll report regularly in our social channels. Gretchen’s scheduled to talk about the future of Blockchain and VR for recruiting professionals which will undoubtedly be of interest to anyone who’s curious about how relevant these technologies will be to the future of HR service delivery. On Wednesday, she’ll be sharing Oracle’s vision for HR technology, so we’ll be sure to follow the social chatter around that as well. 


Shahbaz Alibaig

Senior Director & Head of Global HR Operation, HRIS & Analytics, Esterline Technologies Corp.

After a successful run at GE, where he implemented numerous innovative HR and TR practices, Shahbaz Alibaig now heads Global HR at Esterline Technologies, and we can’t wait to hear him share how the company successfully standardized and globalized HR processes across 19 countries, as well as his take on what the rest of HR tech has to offer.


Cecile Alper-LerouxCecile Alper-Leroux

VP HCM Innovation, Ultimate Software

Cecile Alper-Leroux, a sought-after speaker and thought leader, will also be featured at the Women in HR Tech track, speaking on the on the Power of the Pilot Program panel. We’ll keep a close watch on what she has to say there, as well as her take on trends—especially the topic of humanizing the HR experience, which we’ve noticed is a passion of hers and which is certainly one of ours.


Dalana Brand

VP, Global Total Rewards

One of the “must see” sessions on our list is Women, Pay Equity and Financial Wellness, at which Dalana Brand will dissect and explore the pay disparities that still exist for women with a panel of other female compensation executives. They’ll share tips for combatting these inequities, as well as discussing the importance of financial literacy in the workplace.


Stephanie Lampkin

Founder & CEO, Blendoor

One person who really stands out among HR Tech speakers as a person to watch (and follow) is Stephanie Lampkin. Besides being a Tedx speaker and downhill ski racer, she is the founder & CEO of Blendoor, software that mitigates unconscious bias in hiring, and has a personal story that’s both compelling and inspiring. Along with other women in leadership roles, Stephanie will take part in the Using Analytics to Drive Gender Equality panel to discuss how companies can use data to help close the gender gap and uncover root causes that perpetuate gender inequality.


Jenny Dearborn

EVP, Human Resources and Global Head of Talent, Leadership & Learning, SAP

Another “can’t miss” session will be Jenny Dearborn’s closing keynote for the Women in HR Tech track on Tuesday, Evidence-Based HR: How Data Will Shape The Future of The Workplace. Data is king, and in recruiting, that couldn’t be more true. We’ll be paying close attention to what Jenny has to say, not just about how to harness the power of data for your recruitment strategy, but for her thoughts on how to cultivate more data-driven female leaders in the HR and recruitment space.


Sjoerd Gehring

Global VP, Talent Acquisition and People Experience, Johnson & Johnson

There are few hotter topics than the shortage of skilled talent, and as Global VP of one of the world’s biggest healthcare companies, Sjoerd Gehring is one of the best equipped people to discuss it. He’ll explain how J&J engineered their recruiting processes, and share strategies other companies can use moving forward.


Tim Sackett

President, HRU Technical Resources

As the president-elect for the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP), Tim is always thinking ahead—and we're excited to hear his outlook on recruitment marketing during his panel Thursday morning.  We’ve also heard he’s a hugger, so we’ll be eager for his take on conference-appropriate hug etiquette. 


Sarah Brennan

Founder, Accelir

As the founder of HR Tech Blog and Women in HR Tech Blog, Sarah always has really interesting things to say (and we found her recent post “5 Ways To Make the Most Of Your Time at HR Tech” particularly helpful!). This year, she’s also part of the Power of the Pilot Program panel, so we’re excited to hear her insights there as well as on social.

Wow, talk about talent! Hopefully, you’re inspired to follow at least a few of these industry leaders—and whether you’re going to Las Vegas or not, you’ll leave this week with valuable insights you can bring back to your day-to-day.

While you’re adding to the accounts you’re following, make sure to follow Monster too—we’ll be RT-ing some of the most interesting findings from the above and from the sessions. Tag us with the #MonsterHiring hashtag if you want to say hello. And don’t forget to come say hi IRL, at our booth (#1124) where we’ll be previewing a new video product or come see our Chief Product Officer Chris Cho on the panel “Two Decades (and two years) Later — Why Is Hiring Still So Hard?” on Thursday, September 13, at 1:45 pm in Delfino 4102. Enjoy the conference!