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Listen In: Ten Top Employment Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

Listen In: Ten Top Employment Bloggers to Follow on Twitter


By: Matt Charney, Monster Social Media Engagement Manager

Whether you’re looking to use social media to enhance your small business strategy or looking for creative ways to increase employee engagement, social media offers a range of free and easily-accessible resources designed to both keep you informed and increase your professional efficacy and effectiveness. 

Dedicated HR and employment blogs represent the primary source of this information; however, unless you’re tied to an RSS reader or constantly checking for updates, pertinent blogs can be difficult to locate and stay connected with. Fortunately, Twitter effectively aggregates much of this diffuse content onto a single platform. Most of the top bloggers use Twitter, in part to help draw attention to new posts and content, allowing followers to quickly determine an article’s relevance or interest. 

More importantly, these same bloggers constantly scour the Internet for relevant content, ranging from breaking newspaper, wire and magazine features to interesting articles from other bloggers, to ad-hoc pictures and comments that bring levity to HR and talent processes. By essentially aggregating this data, Twitter allows professionals to tap into a personalized news feed that covers a wide range of perspectives and topics. The examples below will help you understand how this works.

If you’re new to Twitter’s protocol and format, or simply considering its usage and implications, best practices suggest that you start by following a few conversations for a period of one or two weeks to simply listen and observe.

Here are ten top employment bloggers who cover HR and employment to consider following:

1.      @kris_dunn

Background: Kris Dunn, the VP of People for software firm DAXKO, also oversees popular employment blogs Fistful of Talent and the HR Capitalist.

Why Follow: There’s a reason Dunn has Entourage’s uber-agent Ari Gold as his profile pic; like Ari, he’s brash, direct and while controversial, always entertaining. 

Sample Tweet:

Playing around with performance tags again – how do you like “Missed It, Hit It and Crushed It” as an alternative for Meets/Exceeds? 1:22pm Nov 24th from TweetDeck

2.      @therecruiterguy

Background: Chris Hoyt, aka The Recruiter Guy, has nearly 15 years of full-cycle recruitment experience, most recently as the Associate Director of Talent Attraction at AT&T.

Why Follow: Passionate and responsive, Hoyt deftly blends his experience in corporate talent management with expertise and insight in social recruiting and emerging technologies.  

Sample Tweet:

132 of 200 priests polled could NOT name ALL 10 Commandments-proof no matter where we work, there are people that don’t ‘know’ their jobs. 5:47AM Dec 1st from CoTweet 

3.      @jimstroud

Background:  Jim Stroud is a prolific blogger, recruitment trainer and social media maven. Stroud, a Social Media Development Manager at online learning site EnglishCafe, is the voice behind the recruitment blog The Recruiters Lounge and covers online sourcing and lead generation best practices through The Searchologist.

Why Follow: Stroud has his finger squarely on the pulse of the social recruiting scene, and frequently updates with relevant news articles, blog posts and links that prove valuable and timely.

Sample Tweet:

Hacker creates an iPhone virus and gets a job. Security experts enraged. http://bit.ly/59UUS2 (Don’t hate the player, hate the game?) 8:00AM Nov 30th from Ping.fm

4.      @johnsumser

Background: John Sumser, the founder and CEO of human capital strategy firm Two Color Hat, is a recognized thought leader with the recruitment and HR communities, particularly in the areas of multi-generational recruitment and technology in the workplace.

Why Follow: Sumser explores the importance of culture and communications through new technologies and forums. He covers a variety of topics ranging from compensation to social media policy that are of interest to HR professionals across the board.  Intelligent and engaging, his updates are fluff-free and on point.

Sample Tweet:

More evidence that we aren’t out of the early adopter stage. Love the self-righteousness of ‘they don’t get it’ http://bit.ly/5Z1OwX 4:50PM Nov 27th from bit.ly

5.      @lruettimann

Background: Laurie Ruettiman, the voice behind PunkRockHR, is “a sought after speaker and writer who advocates for a common approach to traditional employment practices.” Her career advice has also appeared in publications such as The New York Times, US News and World Report and Men’s Health Magazine.

Why Follow: With 10 years of Fortune 500 HR experience, Reutimann knows her stuff; more importantly, she’s funny, transparent and highly quotable.  To follow her is to know her, and she’s a pretty good person for a hiring professional to know.

Sample Tweet:

I'm glad we didn't solve the HR/credibility conundrum. What the heck would I blog about? #tnl about 15 hours ago from TweetGrid

6.      @hrbartender

Background: Sharyln Lauby has more than 20 years of professional HR experience as a generalist and executive. In addition to writing the popular blog, HR Bartender, Lauby serves as the president of HR services firm Internal Talent Management (ITM).

Why Follow: Lauby’s passion for employees and work-related issues is obvious; well informed on emerging issues and trends, her responsiveness and empathy make her a veritable HR business partner to her followers and fans.

Sample Tweet:

Dear Tom Ziglar, please give some credit where it's due . . "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission " ~ Eleanor Roosevelt about 4 hours ago from TweetDeck

7.   @beneubanks

Background:  Ben Eubanks, an Alabama-based writer, consultant and blogger, focuses on HR strategy and Generation Y issues through his blog, Upstart HR.

Why Follow: Eubanks, a Millennial himself, delivers a fresh, distinct voice and perspective. Eubanks is a talented writer whose content helps bring clarity to often complicated or ambiguous issues confronting hiring professionals.

Sample Tweet:

Ever received a note from someone who appreciates you from afar? It's always pleasantly unexpected. Why not send me one today? 2:42 PM Nov. 30th from txt

8.      @monster_works

Background: The Twitter stream for content, updates and news from Monster’s Resource Center, @monster_works highlights best practices and trends for Employers, recruiters and other HR professionals. 

Why Follow: Not a shameless plug, @monster_works  provides followers with valuable business news, tools and tips and job searches. Striving to provide “useful information for busy recruiters,” @monster_works provides an overview of what’s going on in the world of work for employment professionals and thought leaders.

Sample Tweet:

Be a #social media #leader and influence the marketplace by @pchaney http://mnstr.me/afHOyd#hr#monsterww 1:26 PM Mar 18th via CoTweet

9.      @Cincyrecruiter

Background: Jennifer McClure is an executive recruiter who consults with organizations and business leaders in the areas of talent acquisition, learning and development and social media. Prior to consulting, McClure also spent over 20 years in corporate talent management and Human Resources.

Why Follow: McClure’s background and interests in executive search, career coaching and internal talent management translates into updates that span all HR functions. McClure updates frequently and proactively, creating an intensely personal experience for followers.

Sample Tweet:

@lruettimann I don't think u need to be an HR Generalist 2 move up. Many Specialists in large co's make big bucks. I think co size matters. 5:57 PM Nov 19th from TweetDeck in reply to lruettimann

10.  @trishmcfarlane

Background: Trisha McFarlane, a regional HR director for ad agency Fleishmann-Hillard, blogs as the HR Ringleader and the co-founder of HRevolution.

Why Follow: McFarlane knows her stuff and as an active practitioner, has the ability to shine a light on the otherwise mundane work tasked to HR Professionals. McFarlane, an outspoken advocate for social media and HR technology adoption among the generalist community, advances her cause with each update.

Sample Tweet:

New at HR Ringleader: Stop Being So Cynical, Remember the Tooth Fairy http://is.gd/5b0ZA #HR #SHRM about 24 hours ago from TweetDeck

You can follow directly or read more from our top 10 employment bloggers from our Twitter list.