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Small Business Hiring Guide

Your Guide to the Hiring Process

Small Business Hiring Guide

Monster offers a comprehensive range of recruiting and hiring resources for small businesses. Explore the articles below for information on topics like recruiting candidates, ideas on how to conduct interviews, and following up with candidates. Bookmark this page and check back often for new articles and links.

If you've completed your hiring process, go to the Small Business Management Guide for information on managing your small business workforce, small business laws and regulations, and much more.

Who to Recruit
How to Recruit Candidates
Interview Techniques
Following Up After the Interview

Who to Recruit

Small Business Advice: When Is It Time to Hire a Full-Time Employee? – Serial entrepreneurs Adam and Matthew Toren offer their hiring advice.

Recruiting Strategies: Recruit Large Company Employees – Candidates with large company experience can boost your small business to the next level.

Recruiting: Should You Be Hiring Family, Friends or Customers? -  Should you be hiring family or friends or even customers? Yes, but do it right. 

Recruiting the Overqualified – Don't be afraid of overqualified candidates. Just make sure you take the time to recruit and hire the right ones.

Six Considerations: Should You Hire the Overqualified Candidate? – An overqualified job candidate can be the right fit for your company – if they share like-minded passions and goals.

Hire Great People: Ten Great Rules – You can't win a game without the right players. Follow these 10 tips to recruit winners for your team. 

Ten Tips to Hire the Right Candidate with Skills for the New Economy – A new economy requires new skills. That means asking the right questions to hire the right candidate.

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Recruiting Candidates for Small Businesses


Small Business Recruitment Strategies that Fill Talent Gaps – Some small businesses find that a flexible approach can result in unexpected business value.

Six Ways to Maximize your Small Business Hiring Advantage – Despite their challenges, downturns can create an advantage for small business hiring. Discover why from HR expert David Russo. 

How to Hire Office Staff for a Medical or Dental Practice – Why risk your medical practice by hiring office employees that are incompetent? 

Small Business Hiring Resources: A Resource Checklist – These online hiring resources can be useful for the recruitment process, particularly if you're hiring for a small business.

How Your Small Business Can Recruit Large Company Employees – Candidates with large company experience can boost your small business to the next level. Make it a good fit.

Make Your Small Company a Stand Out to Job Candidates – If you think it's impossible for your small company to attract top candidates, think again. These pointers will help.

How Your Business Can Attract Top Talent – No matter the size, your business can attract great talent and do so consistently. Start with these recommendations.

The Art of Recruiting with Social Media – The Internet is awash with information about job candidates. Be sure you're aware of how to use it properly.

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Interview Techniques


Interview Questions to Ask when Recruiting Overqualified Candidates – The process can feel similar to dating someone out of your league. These tips can help.

Believe It or Not: Interviewing Disasters and Recruiting Gaffes – HR professionals share some of their interviewing disasters and costly recruiting gaffes.

Conducting an Interview: Candidate Interviews that Get Results – Conducting an interview successfully depends on knowing how seekers prepare for it. 

Innovative Interview Techniques for Small Business Hiring – These savvy techniques are enabling some small companies to find the right candidate. 

Phone Interviews: Ask the Right Questions - Asking the right interview questions can help you separate OK candidates from A-players.

Improving Interview Skills: Learn from the Experts - Are you a good interviewer? Interview experts Frances Haynes and Daniel Porot share their insights.

Interview Tips for the Solo Interviewer – Do you lack the staff to interview candidates? These hiring practices can help your one-person shop make a great hire.

How to Dig Beneath the Surface in Your Candidate Interviews – Is your interview style providing a clear sense of the candidate's qualifications? If not, try this easy technique.

Evaluate a Candidate's Social Skills – A candidate may have the skills to do the job, but what about his ability to play well with others? Learn how to assess it.

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Post-Interview Follow Up

Compensation: Why Average Salaries Lag at Small Companies – Learn why small company salaries often fall behind bigger organizations.

Checking Criminal History: Background Checks for Small Companies – Be sure to conduct them legally.

Reference Checking: Get Real Information from Reference Checks - Previous supervisors can provide valuable insight.

Closing the Deal: Make an Offer They Can't Refuse – If you want the best candidate, it's crucial to close the deal quickly, particularly for small business. These tips can help.

How to Determine a Job's Market Value – What's the best way to determine an appropriate level of compensation? While salary surveys can be helpful, a job's value counts too.

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